ColdFusion 2020 is the most modernized version in 25 years of ColdFusion and is designed with emphasis on the below:

1) Cloud Support – Building cloud-native microservice applications without getting locked with a single cloud provider.

2) Containers – Configuration tool Command Line Interface for all the settings setup.

3) Serverless –  Tool to build CF runtime to deploy your serverless code on Amazon Lamda or Azure function.

4) Extended Support – ColdFusion 2020 will have extended support beyond 2025. All other versions will support until 2025.

5) And many more that are discussed below:

  • Installer size (massive reduction from 1GB to 100-200 MB)
  • Fully command-line installation. GUI based installation is there but only as of fall back.
  • CF is breaking down to modules with package manager feature, CFPM will come with a whole range of commands to install/uninstall all packages or particular packages and list all packages already installed.
  • GUI based installation also available for managing packages/modules.
  • The rollout is very easy with these great options
    1. Full-blown
    2. code scan – This will check what are the needed packages to be installed to run the code
    3. Runtime check
  • Configuration tool
    1. Command Line Interface for all the settings setup.
    2. cfsetup – All the settings can be imported/export to a single JSON file to be done on other machines
  • Docker image is available as a tar file
    • Two environment variables
    1. ImportCFSettings – Pass the JSON file with all CF settings by using cfsetup utility.
    2. InstallModules – comma separated list of modules to be installed.

Significant changes made on ColdFusion 2020 for Cloud

  • Across AWS and Azure, integrated all these services
  • Storage – switching cloud storage service will be easy with direct module access.Coding also will be super simple with cloud.
  • Database
  • NoSQL – MongoDB and DynamoDB support
  • Caching
  • Email
  • Messages/notifications – SQS, SNS and Azure Service Bus
  • Serverless – Tool to build lambda runtime using the CF Pacakged code

Modernization with below new options

  • Rest and spread operators
  • Parallelism on Array
  • Parallelism on Struct
  • IIFE (Immediately Invokable Function Expressions)
  • Struct destructuring
  • Iterator and static block support for CFC
  • Java integration

Productivity improved with these improvements

  • CFML’s inherent ability
  • Save setup time
  • Code scan to build runtime
  • Integration with DevOps pipeline


  • Drastic reduction in start uptime
  • Nimble runtime with less resources and scale better


  • Single sign-on support: SAML integration

With these game changing features, Adobe aims to empower ColdFusion as the go-to programming language for web and app development. The prospects of better licensing, configuration, and performance look promising, and only time will tell how much Adobe achieves over the year to make these changes live. Having said that, developers can expect a much better and improved version of ColdFusion next year.