CF 2021 release details

Adobe ColdFusion 2021 release details and features

The Adobe ColdFusion 2021 is released on 11th Nov, 2020. Our prediction* on the release date of Adobe ColdFusion 2021 came true! Here are the release notes:

Adobe ColdFusion 2021 Features:

1. ColdFusion Installation package improvements
2. Serverless packages deployment
3. Cloud Support

Here are more details on Adobe ColdFusion 2021 features

The celebration of this holiday season is going to start with the release of Adobe ColdFusion 2020. Yes, you heard it right! It has been renamed Adobe ColdFusion 2021.

Adobe ColdFusion 2020 Private Beta release happened in January 2020 and Public Beta was released in August 2020.

Previous Version release details

Product NameVersionCode NameRelease On
Adobe ColdFusion2021Project StratusNov 11, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion2018AetherJuly 12, 2018
Adobe ColdFusion2016RaijinFebruary 16, 2016
Adobe ColdFusion11SplendorApril 29, 2014
Adobe ColdFusion10ZeusMay 15, 2012
Adobe ColdFusion9CentaurOctober 5, 2009
Adobe ColdFusion8ScorpioJuly 30, 2007

As the technology world is advancing with Cloud Servers, Containers, Serverless, etc, Adobe ColdFusion 2021 would be the best choice for any technology company to be future-ready. See details at What to expect from Adobe ColdFusion 2021.