Whether your business is an SMB or a multi-billion dollar company, a simple CRM or a massive eCommerce system, whether you are starting something new, or planning to migrate or upgrade current technology, ColdFusion is one of the best choices for all your web and mobile application development. From the consumer market that needs a high performance to healthcare and government organizations that need top security, ColdFusion suits every business or industry. This is why ColdFusion is still our preferred choice, even after working on ColdFusion Development for 20+ years.

Why Should any business consider ColdFusion for their web & mobile application development?

1. Productivity

ColdFusion is known for enabling rapid development. This will be essential for businesses that grow really fast and cannot afford a long project lifecycle. This also helps SMBs as the project cost considerably decreases.

Case study on how an enterprise eCommerce system built-in ColdFusion Application could easily expand

2. Security

ColdFusion is one of the most secure languages which is why it’s been used by most of the government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and eCommerce companies for their web and mobile applications. Adobe periodically releases ColdFusion security upgrades so it will be always up to date in handling the security threats. It also supports security features like single sign-on (SAML integration).

Case study of security enhancements of a ColdFusion eCommerce Application

3. Performance

ColdFusion enables us to build application architecture that could improve performance making it best suited for high traffic and resource-intensive applications as well.

Case study on how the performance of a ColdFusion CMS application is improved, resulting in the business growth

4. Innovation

In 25 years of ColdFusion, it always stayed relevant to the current industry needs. Mobile Application Development, Multi-Cloud Support, etc are some of the examples that prove ColdFusion is always future-ready.

Case study on how upgrading a ColdFusion CMS system from ColdFusion 2018 to ColdFusion 2021 helped them save $$ when they decided to move from one cloud environment to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe ColdFusion and what is it used for?

ColdFusion is a web and mobile application development technology platform. We can rapidly build high-performing, secure and scalable web and mobile applications using ColdFusion.

Is ColdFusion web technology suitable for any online business?

Yes, ColdFusion is suited not only for online businesses (eCommerce, CRM & CMS) but also government, health & educational institutions due to the high performance and security of ColdFusion applications.

Is ColdFusion suitable for both Web and Mobile applications?

Yes, we can use the same API-based ColdFusion application for both your web and mobile applications.

How can I find a ColdFusion Developer or a ColdFusion Development Team?

Finding the right ColdFusion developer or a ColdFusion Development Team depends on your current needs, dependencies with other business units within the organization, availability of the right developers in your area, etc. For example, while having a single developer handle your entire business requirements sounds easy and affordable, you might need to consider a team in the following scenarios:

Larger Skill Set: The most obvious and yet the most important benefit of hiring a team. The complementing skill sets of various team members would be an asset to the organization. The collective experience and teamwork can overcome the shortcomings and limitations of an individual.

Quick Turn-Around Time: Having a team collectively work on a project translates into more productive work done in a shorter time period.

If you are looking for ColdFusion help, whether it is small or big, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.