Pinterest Ecommerce

When looking to head today’s global market, do not blindly follow the tactics that have been long-used or said to enhance your sales, instead be practical and genuinely select the right revenue generating methods for your e-commerce business. A simple idea yet most outdated business lack in – failure in converting Pinterest traffic to e-commerce sales.

In the last 6 months, this social site has quickly evolved to be very hot by growing its user-base about 50% of a large number of active users. Businesses’ today are using Pinterest as one of the most revenue generating social platform – Pinterest users are not just pinning or re-pinning the pictures, but they are purchasing them.

So if your e-commerce business lacks the ability to drive Pinterest traffic into conversions then there will be no space in this competitive market. Should e- commerce business and any digital company unlock the benefits of Pinterest? Obviously the answer is YES. Let’s see how.

Capitalize on the potential of Pinterest

Pinterest, very popular for images is an extremely powerful social site that can leverage business sales drastically, but a huge number of digital marketers or online businesses are not taking advantage of this potential channel. If you haven’t started using this channel, hurry up and implement today.

By simply targeting on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive Google’s ad revenue exponentially is not a good idea as it involves huge budget and is a time-consuming process. You need to understand the demand for creating a user-friendly website integrating with most authoritative channel – Pinterest. This channel is becoming nowhere less to Google PLAs program with the introduction of the Rich Pins program a few months back. This is an innovative way to let advertisers include product price and available info about it.

In addition to it, online business or e-commerce company can exploit another feature of Pinterest i.e. Product translation (this analytics package features an option to view how users are interacting with pins).

Why increasing the Pinterest revenue is crucial?

The answer is very simple: Pinning all the products help in maximizing your business conversion rate and attract a great number of buy mode customers. So to capitalize on this Rich Pin program simply format your e-commerce site using the Pinterest validation tool. How to format product using Pinterest? It is very easy – try using one of these two below mentioned methods: Semantic Markup and oEmbed.

How-to format your product description effectively?

A proper formatting of the product is vital else the product image gets rejected by Pinterest. Another option to get your product listed on the top – match both category and sub-category with your brand board.

First, ensure that you pin your own products, but this shouldn’t be a mass product pinning. However, sharing other’s quality information which could be useful to your user base can be very beneficial for your e-commerce business.

Next, be sure to post related images in your Pinterest account as search engines and social media users won’t entertain mass amount of products or spammed data.

Finally, based on the potential revenue prioritize your product image and upload them on to this channel accordingly, this is one great way to pin a product while being able to leverage your business revenue.

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