coldfusion 10ColdFusion 10 is a rich version of ColdFusion that focuses on ease of use, productivity and security. During 1990’s ColdFusion was a pioneer in web scripting technology and acquired a lot of popularity. It eased the developers to create dynamic web based applications.

Though it is a very popular web development technology, there arouse a high competition from platforms like Java and Dot Net which used web scripting languages like JSP and ASP.Net. This created alternative channels for corporations either to move to other available technologies or maintain their existing ColdFusion applications.

However, there are still many organizations that choose to stay in ColdFusion with the belief and faith on this web development technology.

From the time Adobe has taken ColdFusion, there was a huge progress in this web technology. Many versions were updated in a very short span of time. This rapid progress made many websites to get updated so as to reach heights in the respective businesses.

While migrating to ColdFusion 10, you should be aware of its amazing features and also the reasons behind your upgrading. We, at ITLANDMARK, offer avant-garde ColdFusion 10 version to upgrade your website.

Latest Important Features in ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 10’s stunning features allows the coders to create web applications which are highly interactive, dynamic, mobile functional and enhanced. The important features include:

HTML 5 – This new marker language allows the developers to create rich user applications using the web interactive applications such as web based games, social networking, e-commerce solutions and podcasts.

Tomcat Application – With the latest release of Apache Tomcat application that takes the place of Adobe JRun, the developers can improve the handling of their respective projects by creating cache of pages. Tomcat tools allow managing and developing websites more quickly.

Higher Security – Security has become a major concern with so many wireless gadgets on the market. ColdFusion 10 provides more security in this aspect. It also involves clearing of virus and filters security attacks.

Language Improvements – The code readability and quality is enhanced and as well the scripting support. This allows the completion of the project more quickly as it gives the ability to condense the large codes.

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