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Amazon has taken another big step towards in providing a virtual data storage option for retrieving any amount of data on a ColdFusion website with the launch of Amazon S3.

What is Amazon S3 and how it helps Business?

S3 is an abbreviation for Simple Storage Solution, as the name suggests, this web service acts as the real-time space for storing large amounts of large files and access to it at anytime from anywhere on the web. Offering flexible service and reliable pricing options, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) charges a very less fee — this cost varies based on an S3 bucket location — a choice time to find the perfect storage service for your website. Fastening its advanced turn, Amazon has announced the facility to upload gigabytes worth of videos, audios or image files of your website on the web at ridiculously affordable prices.
Amazon S3 is the best option for the sites which store more data and need frequent retrieval of data.

Source - Amazon S3

Source – Amazon S3

For those of CF developers, who have been on the fence as to choose which web-scale computing will be much easier and affordable, Amazon AWS is going to be a lot more attractive service than any other. The AWS SDK offered for various platforms will help CF developers to easily get started. However, the SDK for Java API can also be used for various platforms by instantiating the Java object. Want to leverage your site’s storage capacity using the Amazon’s go-between web service — S3? Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to do so, such as instantiating the required aspects using the objects and methods available in the AWS SDK for Java.

The AWS allows you to transfer more sensitive workloads into the cloud — all you just need to do is address your compliance and regulatory requirements. Whether your website is static or dynamic, storing your data safe only matters at the end. So based on the sustained success and features of the S3 — you’re sure to enjoy an inexpensive content delivery network and other enthusiastic features as they offer secured service.

In addition to their exciting service Amazon S3, the Amazon web service is offering a free tier service plan for a period of one month and later the fee is automatically applied to the regular bill. To know more about the storage and bandwidth size that a tire cover, browse their main website.

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