Client : Confidential*

Challenge : The client’s business team has decided to move the suite of servers and applications from AWS to Azure as they wanted to leverage the cost efficient IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS of Azure cloud services.

Strategy : Moving the site to Azure platform with minimal impact on business.

Approach : In early 2021, we have upgraded all the servers and applications from ColdFusion 2018 to ColdFusion 2021. We have then leveraged the multi-cloud support / features of ColdFusion 2021 for functionalities like Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, etc. This enabled us to move from AWS to Azure within no time without having to worry about rewriting the code (changing AWS functions to Azure functions). It would have been a massive effort if the application was built with any other language than ColdFusion 2021.

Result : The site upgrade helped the business to save $$ in terms of minimal programming effort and less time to move to their preferred and low cost cloud services.

The Process**

* We maintain the confidentiality of our clients and restrain from disclosing the names without prior permission from them.

** Only top items from the list are mentioned here. The actual process will cover lot more areas.


Cost maintenance charges saved $$
Migration downtime decreased.