ColdFusion Shopping Cart SoftwareHaving a ColdFusion Shopping Cart will help business merchants to manage their order process smoothly. Ecommerce shopping cart with multiple payment methods would be an added advantage for the business to reach a wider shopper group who seek other alternative ways of payments upon purchases.

In today’s eCommerce world, online shopping cart is very important way of internet marketing. This helps to create a brand value to your products globally. We at ITLANDMARK help you build custom ColdFusion shopping cart solutions.

Primarily, we will know about the following few ColdFusion shopping cart solutions.


Slatwall is very sophisticated and powerful digital commerce platform. It is designed to ensure maximum flexibility which enables the user to upgrade marketing strategies.It is very easy to integrate with other systems.
It can be used for Inventory Management, Vendor Ordering, Subscription Management as part of commerce integration into our system.

Slatwall provides two possible integrations methods one is RESTful API and Slatwall integration through the SlatwallScope.SlatwallScope is single API entry point and convention based architecture.We can use the basic SlatwallScope structure in any languages we need.

Slatwall operates on a JVM so it will be very easy to deploy test instance and use for the production environment on Mac, Windows, Linux or Unix.


cf_ezcart ColdFusion shopping cart is a simple, easy to integrate, search engine friendly ColdFusion powered eCommerce solution. This has been created by Tropical web creations, Inc Company.


SiteDirector is powerful, robust, easy to use and flexible shopping cart software created on Adobe’s ColdFusion. With varied features it provides, the business owner can be assured that his/her shopping cart experience will be successful.

Both cf_ezcart and SiteDirector can be customized on your request based on your business needs. We at ITLANDMARK can surely help you customizing the shopping cart solution for your businesses.


Cartweaver 4 is the chief ColdFusion Shopping Cart, PHP Shopping Cart for web developers, all novice to advanced. It uses Adobe Dreamweaver, CFBuilder, Eclipse or other web code editors. You don’t have to know the code to use cartweaver and develop your online store. all you need is to just learn few things along the way. However, a good working knowledge on html/css using Adobe Dreamweaver or Eclipse is required.

Cartweaver eCommerce is a complete robust package. This software is supported by powerful functionality, yet their implementation is very easy to customize. The code is structured to be versatile, easily modifiable and reusable. It works with both PHP and Coldfusion. From a point of functionality, these both versions are same.

The latest version Cartweaver 4.02 is an user-friendly superior eCommerce platform which is the right solution for anyone. With just a few simple clicks, the shopping cart will be installed.


CFWebstore is a completely integrated web storefront where you can customize the template and can create your own custom store. It keeps adding new features and improvements and a ease to maintain software. This is more than a shopping cart with its advanced features such as membership functions, batch order processing, role based administration, delayed CC capture plus more.


AmpleShop is a complete ColdFusion shopping cart and eCommerce solution. It includes a built-in CMS via a WYSIWYG editor. Also easy to use browser based owner administration feature provides quicker shop building. It is flexible software to adapt your online businesses.


Shopping Cart Store Builder –™ is a Cloud Hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that instantly adds shopping carts to any web site.

There are three must have payment strategies that should be present with your cart and choosing for any of these above ColdFusion shopping cart solutions will surely help you in offering those. They include –

Real-time credit cards
Shoppers usually use credit cards to make their payments since it is a convenient method. Therefore the cart should be able to accept credit card payments. Also these carts ensure a smooth payment without any complications. No one desires to spend long hours figuring out the payment and it should be done as quickly as possible.

Able to receive offline payments
There are still customers who prefer money transaction through cheques and cash. The shopping cart should include this option so that these groups of customers are not kept at bay.

Multiple currency payments
Internet marketing thrives with varied customers of various cultures and each country has their own currency. Hence it is a prerequisite to check whether your site is able to accept multiple currency payments. You should always mention these issues when you handle your businesses for integrating shopping cart services.

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