ColdFusion CMS System Review

ColdFusion websites can be extended using our Web Content Management. We at ITLANDMARK have robust Content Management System solutions which lets our developers make most use of their skills.

You don’t need a system displayed with various confusing buttons and options you will never happen to use. What you require is a simple solution with minimum useful tools to publish particular information.

Top 6 Coldfusion Content Management System In 2024

Here we would like to discuss about top ColdFusion CMS with their features that have won many positive reviews.

1. Savvy Content Manager

Savvy CM is a powerful Content Management System that is both easy to use and affordable. It offers DHTML navigation object, content object, event calendars and many more. You can add your own custom code so as to extend the functionality, therefore is perfect for schools, universities, municipalities and SMBs.

Features of Savvy CMS include –

  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to use interface
  • Intuitive and flexible editor
  • Password protective content pages, sections and template levels
  • Publication can be scheduled and content expiration setup
  • Content publishing control
  • Assign editor rights by user and group
  • Permission based editing
  • Site content search
  • Content history restores prior versions
  • Works effectively with other web applications
  • Editable DHTML Navigation
  • Real page names
  • Extend with your own custom mode
  • Powerful event calendaring with various multiple layouts
  • Template driven page creation supporting your HTML and CSS Designs
  • Shared hosting
  • Flexible license packages for multiple users and domains
  • Easily installed with one step

2. FarCry

FarCry is an open source CMS which encourages rapid application development on ColdFusion platform. It is fully scalable and flexible CMS built within Adobe ColdFusionMX. This works perfectly with small enterprises, corporate, small business and government organizations.

Features of FarCry CMS include –

  • Distributed and hierarchical authoring environment
  • Dynamic site architecture
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface for easy creating and editing of content
  • Live and draft content authoring capabilities so as to manage and approve the created content
  • Creation and integration of multiple content types including HTML pages, links, flash objects, images, etc
  • Content creation wizards
  • Multiple templates with full content preview
  • Dynamic content types including events, links, new, facts and FAQs
  • Ability of the content to get published in various targets and devices
  • Ability to reuse content through the entire website
  • Advanced cache and configuration management
  • Friendly URL creation
  • Advanced security and diagnostic features
  • LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) integration
  • Browser based, secure access and administration
  • Runs on multiple application servers and platforms
  • Integrates new functionality through plugging in custom built objects

3. Mura

Mura is an open source content management system which allows your businesses to publish and control the website content simply and quickly. One can easily integrate design components like sidebars, calendars and forms, where in even a novice person can develop content rich website.

Features of Mura CMS include –

  • Easy creation and editing content with WYSIWYG interface, therefore no need to deal with HTML
  • Ability to edit content inline without any separate window or site admin opened
  • Engage audiences with blogging and feedback tools like ratings, reviews, comments, etc
  • Create affluent content structures using tagging and categories
  • Personalize content for multiple audiences
  • Particular organization’s web design standards are separated from templating so as to not allow any other users to use the unique design
  • Create SEO sites and campaigns
  • Edit and review content using administration tools
  • Scheduling content for self display and removal
  • Tracking real time site users and traffic
  • Manages multiple scheduled content changes with change sets
  • Manages various versions and drafts of content with just one click rollback
  • Enables email marketing campaigns
  • Capture data an create forms with easy drag and drop
  • Custom content items like calendars, photos, sidebars, etc
  • Creating and cropping custom image sizes
  • Creating search engine and public sitemaps with automated updating

4. AssetNow NX

AssetNow NX is another content management system that allows the organization to create custom websites. It is a W3C standards compliant web CMS and has easy to understand coding. It allows even novice users to handle the web effectively.

Features of AssetNow include –

  • Flexible user permissions and site free structures
  • No constraints on functionality and site design
  • High standard XHTML editor that works efficiently in web browsers on OS X and Windows
  • WYSIWYG authoring environment
  • Revisions, workflow, flexible library settings, drag and drop uploading
  • Template has relatively 80% less lines than final version

5. Paperthin ColdFusion CMS

PaperThin Inc is a leading mid-market CMS vendor that released its secure web platform, Common Spot, a full featured and dynamic content management system. It offers scalable, flexible and ease-to-use content management capabilities perfectly for healthcare organizations. This application development framework allows organizations to develop a world-class web experiences that gains impressive results.

It is also used to transit from old generation static web pages to highly dynamic system of page generation for official web sites. CommonSpot runs on Adobe ColdFusion, however can support many other scripting languages like PHP, .ASP, ASP.NET, Java and CFM.

Features of PaperThin’s CommonSpot include:

  • Intuitive user interface that allows users to publish their web content every day through social media, video, iPod, mobile, etc.
  • The marketing suite helps organizations improve their site traffic, conversion rates and brand loyalty.
  • Eliminates the need to map a network drive before any web content access
  • Web publishers receive automated feedback on content up gradation, broken links, outdated images, etc.
  • Technical knowledge on elements like HTML, CSS, etc., is not that necessary
  • Users can schedule about the content appearance and disappearance
  • Maximizes the value, delivery and timeliness of the content the user creates

6. ContentBox Modular CMS

ContentBox is an open source modular content management engine powered by ColdFusion. we can minimize development time as it allows you to easily build websites, blogs, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications.

Features of ContentBox Modular CMS:

  • Custom Development
  • Professional support & Mentoring
  • Server Tuning
  • Security features.
  • Built with a secure and flexible modular core
  • Very much scalable.
  • World-class support


In conclusion, each of these platforms brings its unique features and capabilities to the table, making them some of the best ColdFusion CMS options out there.

They offer an array of services that cater to different needs and have been instrumental in simplifying content management. Selecting the best ColdFusion CMS ultimately depends on individual requirements and preferences. These six options provide a good starting point for anyone looking to leverage the power of ColdFusion in

At ITLANDMARK we are specialized in developing and programming CMS. Our enterprise level CMS provides high usability that can only be achieved when the particular CMS is tailored to ColdFusion application.

We can integrate these ColdFusion CMS into your already existing ColdFusion application websites. If you are interested in integrating any of these content management systems with your site and want to further discuss about them, you can fill out the contact form deployed on this page. We built many custom ColdFusion CMS systems as well. You can also call us for direct conversation about our expertise.