Adobe ColdFusion 2023

Adobe ColdFusion 2023 (Fortuna) has been officially released! This latest release promises to be the best version of ColdFusion yet, surpassing even industry-leading programming languages. You don’t have to wait any longer to experience its exceptional features. The Live version of ColdFusion 2023 is now accessible for you to explore. Simply click on the provided link, and you’ll be ready to dive in!
ColdFusion 2023

What’s new in  ColdFusion 2023 (Fortuna)?

  1. Cloud Story – Google Cloud Platform
  2. Central Configuration Server (CCS)
  3. SSO CF Admin Integration (SAML/LDAP)
  4. New PDF Engine (PDF Reactor)
  5. Library Updates (Java, Solr, Hibernate)
  6. Native GraphQL Query support
  7. Dozens of bugs fixed already.
  8. Core Support to 2028, Extended 2029 (TBD)

More details on each feature are as follows.

1. Google Cloud Platform:

GCP is a powerful cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services and features to help users build and deploy their

  • Storage Services.
  • FireStore
  • GCP Common Profile
  • GCP PubSub
  • CloudSQL (MySQL8, PostGres 14, MSSQL 2019)
  • MemStore (Redis, Memcached)

2. Central Configuration Server (CCS):

CCS provides a secure way to manage and distribute configuration settings, ensuring that changes are applied consistently and quickly across all systems and applications.

  • Syncing of CF Settings via CF admin & CFsetup & Admin API
  • Environment
  • Multi-Cluster Support
  • Versioning
  • ccs.bat
  • CCS Admin Page
  • Installation via CFPM
  • Auto Discovery

3. CF Admin SSO Support:

With ColdFusion Admin SSO Support, users can log in to the ColdFusion administrator console using their existing corporate credentials, such as Active Directory or LDAP credentials.

  • New Admin APIs
  • setAdminLdapConfiguration
  • getAdminLdapConfiguration
  • deleteLdapConfiguration
  • setExternalAuthentication
  • getExternalAuthentication
  • deleteAdminSamlConfig
  • getAdminSamlConfig
  • LDAP & SAML for login, configuration, and user/group setup

HTMLtoPDF Engine Upgrade:

Upgrading the HTMLtoPDF conversion engine using PDFreactor can bring significant benefits in terms of improved functionality, performance, and compatibility with modern web technologies.

  • Using PDFReactor Engine
  • Improved support for CSS3
  • HTML5+
  • SVG
  • Page breaks, fonts, form elements
  • Large HTML files
  • Audio & video embedding

Library Updates:

New features may be added to the library to improve the functionality of the application or enhance the user experience. These features can be critical in keeping the application competitive and up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

  • Java 17
  • SOLR 8.9
  • Hibernate 5.6+


GraphQL provides a powerful and flexible alternative to traditional REST APIs and has become increasingly popular among developers due to its benefits in data retrieval efficiency, schema management, and real-time data support.

  • Ability to connect to & consume GraphQL endpoints using native GraphQL query Language.
  • Queries & mutations
  • Arguments
  • Variables
  • Aliases
  • Fragments
  • Directives
  • Operation Names
  • Subscriptions
  • Caching (potentially leveraging CF’s caching engines for shared caches & scopes)
  • Using the GraphQL specifications:

Features available in the Fortuna are as follows.

  • GraphQL Client (native GQL support for consuming GraphQL endpoints)
  • Google Cloud Platform (FireStore)
  • Google Cloud Platform (Storage)
  • Google Cloud Platform (Pub/Sub)
  • Central Configuration Service
  • HTML to PDF engine upgrade
  • PMT Integrations for GCP (Firestore, Pub/Sub, Storage monitoring)
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • SSO CF Administrator (LDAP/SAML support)

Overall, ColdFusion 2023 (Fortuna) is an impressive update with its great features. ColdFusion 2023 is the perfect tool for developers who want to build high-performance and secure web applications.


The recent Adobe event “The Road to Fortuna by Mark Takata”


Adobe ColdFusion 2023 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of this versatile and robust development platform. With its enhanced features, improved performance, and expanded capabilities, it continues to meet the demands of modern web and application development.
In conclusion, Adobe ColdFusion stands as a testament to Adobe’s continued investment in the platform’s success. It empowers developers to create scalable, secure, and feature-rich applications that can meet the demands of today’s competitive digital landscape. Whether you are a long-time ColdFusion user or exploring it for the first time, ColdFusion 2023 is a compelling choice for building the web and mobile applications of the future.