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eCommerce Solutions


Enabling Robust Coldfusion eCommerce Solutions

Our services are not only ease to navigate but also capable of delivering high standard quality at the enterprise level.

Let our ColdFusion services for the application platforms provide the explicit eCommerce solution you are looking for. Here at ITLANDMARK Solutions, we are pioneer in enabling robust aids for all your website requirements and imperatives. More

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways Using Coldfusion

Whatever business you are heading, receiving money is the most vital part. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you receive payments easily, instantly and frequently? We at ITLandmark immensely offer services of Payment Gateways. Let us know about the various payment gateways and their specific API requirements as they vary from each individual one. More

Application Performance Tuning and Optimization

Application Optimization

ColdFusion Application Optimization and Performance Tuning

Performance is an essential feature of any web application or server, and ColdFusion is no more an exception. High performance for Internet applications where in many users can access is important. Since ColdFusion is both a server and a language, there arise various approaches to improve site's performance. More

Security & PCI Compliance


Security & PCI Compliance for ColdFusion Applications

ITLandmark Security support offers you everything you require to make your dedicated server 100% PCI Compliant. When you are accepting credit card payments on your server, then there is a need for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) Compliant hosting. ITLandmark can be the one stop solution where in you can get an expert support for any number of vulnerabilities with your website. More

Mobile and Social Media

Social Media

Mobile and Social Media Application & Integration using ColdFusion

ITLandmark is a certified iPhone application developer, who is already a pioneer in Mobile Application Development. We, at ITLandmark, can help you deliver your Applications to the millions of iPhone, iTouch, and iPad and even IPod users across the globe. We can even turn your idea into a profitable Apple Store Application if you wish for. More

API Integrations

Api Integrations

API Integration using ColdFusion (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Ifbyphone etc.)

CFGMap is a ColdFusion Custom Tag, designed by Google for implementing the Google Maps Javascript API for map display. With only a few features which are displayed in the comments of the custom tag, the developer can now easily enable multiple locations with Google Maps. More

Product Feeds

Prodcut Feed

Product Feeds using ColdFusion (Google, Amazon, Ebay Commerce, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber etc.)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering a complete set of framework and features to enable the ColdFusion users run fundamentally everything in the cloud i.e. from social games and mobile apps to enterprise applications and big data projects. More

Custom CF Applications


Custom ColdFusion Applications

There are copious reasons why ColdFusion enjoys such a vast preference over other web development languages. Unlike PHP, ASP and JSP, ColdFusion demands for comparatively less coding. This kind of cutting-edge application is highly reliable and dependable. More

Shipping APIs

Shipping api

Shipping API (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post)

Do you have an e-commerce business for selling products and wanted to build it with certain major shipping API integrations like UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL? We at ITLandmark can surely help you with those major shipping APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) using ColdFusion applications. This means you can monitor deliveries in real or near-real time. More

ColdFusion Upgrade

ColdFusion Upgrade

ColdFusion Upgrade - Migrating to ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 10 is a rich version of ColdFusion that focuses on ease of use, productivity and security. During 1990's ColdFusion was a pioneer in web scripting technology and acquired a lot of popularity. It eased the developers to create dynamic web based applications. More

SEO Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (Digital Marketing)

Is a ColdFusion website SEO friendly? This is perhaps the most commonly asked question these days when it comes to ColdFusion Applications.

Few days back one of our esteemed clients was wrestling with few things in his ColdFusion Website. Although his site was 12 years old and it was ranking significantly for few of its keywords, the page rank for home page was only 3. More

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