Security & PCI Compliance for ColdFusion Applications

ITLandmark Security support offers you everything you require to make your dedicated server 100% PCI Compliant. When you are accepting credit card payments on your server, then there is a need for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) Compliant hosting. ITLandmark can be the one stop solution where in you can get an expert support for any number of vulnerabilities with your website.

ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform and as well a programming language. Security is the number one priority for any language and ColdFusion is no more an exception to it.

User information security has become a huge concern for those in web businesses. There are hardly very few online merchants who secure user data and countless petty fellows try to take an advantage of such situations. A movement to PCI-DSS can be one such effort to increase the security of online business solutions.

The PCI standards are technical which are developed to help the organizations that process card payments prevent hacking, fraud, threats and many other security vulnerabilities. Any organization which is into storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data should be PCI-DSS Complaint.

PCI Complaint Application Services

Our PCI Complaint services have a very good experience in developing client server based and web based applications using surplus technologies. PCI standards gave requirements for application development as well as application and server operations. Our savvy team of programmers and designers help to offer PCI Complaint application services.

Our client base includes a wide array of institutions and businesses, retail businesses, communication companies, advertising firms, banking companies, consulting firms and many more. We also have expertise in PCI Complaint hosting.

PCI Data Security and Assurance

Our ColdFusion application development experts offer PCI Data Security and Assurance services according to the latest PCI standards to meet any PCI compliance of your business.

The core services is the Change Management Process, which incorporates any required changes to hardware, operating systems, network devices and mission critical applications. We also offer encrypted backup for the PCI data and a lot many solutions ranging from email to remote networking.

Securing information assets requires 24 x 7 x 365 diligence in the present world. The threats to your assets being better organized, smarter and highly targeted, demanded the credit card industry to develop PCI-DSS. To overcome the threats, firstly securing the data assets is important. Here, we offer a premier system security and management to meet your PCI Compliance and regulatory requirements.

PCI-DSS Complaint e-commerce solutions

Our PCI Complaint Hosting and e-commerce solutions help to move your product services to the World Wide Web. Also, we enable shopping cart function and credit card process using our standard PCI Complaint e-commerce e-store software. For a more unique e-commerce solution, our highly trained developers can design a customized solution to meet all your needs.

The Web is social, but not your data. If you are going to head a business in this world of Internet, then data security is very important along with PCI Compliance.

Are you concerned about data storage, its redundancy or security? Or you have queries on PCI Compliance and its standards? Then ITLandmark can be your solutions where in you can get with us by filling the contact form on this page.

Some of the major PCI Compliance we support include -

PCI Data Security Standard Compliance

All the businesses involved in accepting card payments should meet the PCI Data Security Standards. Being in compliance with PCI DSS, the customers’ card data is protected. PCI DSS is a set of 12 security requirements that businesses should ensure to put in place so that neither the customer’s data nor businesses are landed in risk of fraud and data theft.

Though PCI DSS cannot guarantee about the reduction of data breach, it encourages the business to go wisely with the usage of cardholder data.

If you are a business owner who accepts payment cards, you need to be in compliance with the PCI DSS. The right compliance requirements can only be found from your payment brand. There are four levels of compliance and each of these levels depends on two factors – transaction volume and process of transaction information.

Vulnerability Scans & Fixes

Internet keeps changing and progressing all the time and likewise threats keep evolving. Therefore it is very essential to scan the network and discover all the weak points that are risky. Vulnerability scanning is powerful tool that can access any network damage. Vulnerability scanners identify the weak points through databases which are updated constantly. Scanning repots the vulnerabilities and delivers recommendations on how to eliminate or fix them.

Vulnerability scans recognize things like unsafe code, missing updates, malware, patches and misconfigured systems.

Vulnerability audits are required for all organizations or businesses that use electronic systems to store company's data and customer information. Businesses need to undergo repeated scan to remain complaint.

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