Product Feeds using ColdFusion (Google, Amazon, Ebay Commerce,, PriceGrabber etc.)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering a complete set of framework and features to enable the ColdFusion users run fundamentally everything in the cloud i.e. from social games and mobile apps to enterprise applications and big data projects.

The advantages include the ability to increase the demand, low upfront costs and much more. Besides, ColdFusion 10 for AWS is also available enabling ColdFusion users to get updated with market, lower costs and higher scalability.The ColdFusion Enterprise Amazon Machine Image is now purchased hourly at $0.15/hour for a large instance and $0.30/hour for an x-large instance. It is available on both Windows 2008 R2 and Ubuntu 12.0.4.

With the recent boom in E-commerce, people are now clinging more towards online stores to meet their almost every requirement. We, at ITLandmark, have now figured out it's time to impart services on creating product feed for Google, Amazon,, EBay, PriceGrabber etc. using ColdFusion.

The entire Amazon Web Service section is confusing to someone who has never used it before. It is quite hard to set apart examples and pre-built solutions and documentation.

Our savvy development team has a hands on REST-style web service invocation and by using ColdFusion's CFHttp tag, we can effortlessly beseech Amazon product feeds. Our proficient developers exactly know which argument to pass as a URL CFHttpParameter, so as to create a fine and dandy structure that will be easier to manipulate programmatically.

Besides, they are also well-versed in using XPath and ColdFusion's XmlSearch() method to create similar product feeds for other E-commerce stores like Ebay, and PriceGrabber.

As XML is booming vastly in the World Wide Web and with the increasing demand of transferring data from system to system, we offer you an extensive range of services with XML because of its independent platform which is greater than ever. Our team is expert in parsing RSS Feeds using ColdFusion. Since it is one of the simplified ways for websites and weblogs to share data, preferences are even more.

Our team is also skilled enough to meet your customized requirements, say creating an Ebay-esque Auction Countdown Timer Custom Tag.

To find out more on our ColdFusion application development on product feeds or if you have a ColdFusion project to get developed, we have favorably deployed a contact form for you to contact us. Our experts will help you with best services for all your web development needs.

Some of the major Product Feeds we support include -

Google Shopping Feed

Google has moved to display a new Google Shopping commercial model formed on Product Listing Ads, formerly in the United States then rolling out globally. These changes and improvised user experience is believed to build new opportunities for sellers and thus help all size retailers to attract more and more shoppers to their stores.

The refined product feed guidelines should be followed by the merchant while uploading a feed. These guidelines include:

Any changes to the product feeds can be submitted as test feeds and then tested using the debugging tools, therefore meeting the requirements.

Bing Shopping Feed

Bing Shopping is a platform where online merchants can advertise their products for free. to get included in the program, Bing shopping needs a shopping feed from every retailer which is to be updated through Microsoft's ad Center at least once in a month. Following is all about how to get started with Bing Shopping.

Optimize the Merchant Category column - This is the most important one to categorize the items. More is the specification with your categories; more effective Bing shopping will target the shoppers. Try to aim special occasions or holidays by bringing them relevant with the products.

Set categories in the Bing Shopping Account Management Tool - Setting them helps you to easily select the categories in which you wanted to sell the product.

Include appropriate unique product identifiers to rank in Bing shopping results - UPCs, ISBNs and MPN attributes helps the Bing shopping match your product so that there are high chances to display it in comparison with other top company products. Here the shoppers can easily compare prices and go ahead with purchasing.

eBay Commerce Network / Feed is now rebranded as the eBay Commerce Network. Many of you may not be aware that the eBay purchased about 8 years ago and since then it has evolved to be a more robust commerce system. It allows the merchants to maximize their product exposure on the advertising platform.

Consumers shopping practices have changed a lot since 1997, when was launched first. There were very few online options then to research and buy products. But, today consumers have many options and they nearly visit 10.4 websites while purchasing anything.

To keep intact with changing nature of shoppers, this product feed has turned into an active commerce ad network highly capable of connecting merchants with customers.

NexTag Feed

NexTag is a leading comparison shopping site for products, travel, automobiles, financial services, education plus more. The proprietary technologies and algorithms of the NexTag allow the customers to quickly compare the prices and choose the best deals among millions of products and services. It is studied that 30 million customers per month use NexTag to search products.

Established in 1999, it has shopping sites that target US, UK, Germany and France visitors. It is highly efficient sales site with high traffic and performance based pricing. The NexTag core features include:

PriceGrabber Feed

PriceGrabber feed allows merchants to arrange for the shoppers to pick up purchased products directly from the merchant’s location, rather than arranging a delivery. If the merchant will choose this option while listing a product on the PriceGrabber Storefronts Service, the city, state and zip code will be displayed along with the item’s listing. This will ease the convenience to pick the particular item from the merchant’s location.

PriceGrabber’s shopping feed was established in 1999 and since then it has brought a new revolution in online shopping. This eases the merchants without an online site to post their products and services on this PriceGrabber’s store builder option.

It features a Merchant rating system which allows the shoppers to write their decision or feedback. There is also a five star scale on which the merchants and shoppers can rate their services and these feedbacks and ratings are archived by this feed. Therefore, anyone coming to this site can check the feedbacks before heading for any transaction.

PriceGrabber not only provides product images, features and descriptions, but also provides merchant and product ratings along with narratives. This can save money, time abd effort for the shopper to choose a product on the PriceGrabber feed.

Shopzilla / Bizrate Feed

Shopzilla or Bizrate feed is the easiest, fastest and most accurate shopping search engines on the web. It is the most effective way to reach the target customers while offering control over the price you spend for the traffic. Although there is no set up fees, you are allowed to pay only for the clicks directed to your online store.

ShopZilla allows the merchants to list the products in the shopping search engine. When the customers find for the products, the product lists appear in the search results. A click on the listing will take your online site.

Since the year of its establishment in 1996, it has been the pioneer in Web retailing, research and customer satisfaction ratings. Shopzilla’s customer certified ratings program is used by many merchants to promote, improve and track their customer satisfaction performance.

ResellerRatings Feed

ResellerRatings Feed is formed in 1988 and is the leading source for customers looking for reviews of online merchants and consumer generated ratings. The primary aim of this is to provide first-hand customer accounts of online merchants to highlight the best products and thus help customers.

ResellerRatings offer online merchants the most extensive reputation management tools to -

This feed currently has nearly 40,000 online merchants and over 1 million customer reviews.

TheFind Feed

TheFind Feed is a comparison shopping search engine with nearly 5 million unique visitors per month and somewhat similar to and Shopzilla. It is also just like Google with no charge for merchant program. Therefore it is one of the best ways to promote Yahoo store products freely.

The main aim of TheFind is to help every customer find exactly what they are looking for. No matter what you are looking for, you can easily find the lowest price, the best deal and the perfect gift item.

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