Payment Gateways Using Coldfusion

Whatever business you are heading, receiving money is the most vital part. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you receive payments easily, instantly and frequently? We at ITLandmark immensely offer services of Payment Gateways. Let us know about the various payment gateways and their specific API requirements as they vary from each individual one.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. They protect credit card information by encrypting keen information, to ensure secure passage of the information between the customer and the merchant.

Essentially a payment gateway promotes the co=ordination of communicating a payment transaction with various backend payment banks or networks. This therefore enables the real-time online processing of credit cards or other payment types. It instantly responds to your requests by either authorizing or declining the payment transaction.

The need for a Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is the key to securely accept the payments online. It also improves the chance of someone buying by making it easy and safe for those who make credit or debit card transactions.

How to Choose a Payment Gateway?

Here are some questions to ask yourself and it is a very good idea to be clear on what you require from your payment service provider.

Here are the different Payment Gateways

PayPal - With PayPal, there is a scope to increase the credibility and conversion by 18%. Moreover, you can easily accept credit cards and PayPal payments, if you already have a merchant account, just adding a PayPal Express checkout will be advantageous to increase the conversion.

Cybersource - This is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa Inc., a payment management company. More than 330,000 business firms use this gateway to process online transactions, streamline fraud managements and simplify payment security.

Eway - This has become award winning payment gateway due to its high standards in technology, innovations and customer care. It is specialized in delivering successful e-commerce gateway services to thousands of business merchants.

Authorize.Net - This payment solution has free fraud tools, free website seal, free customer support and ability to accept various channel online payments.

WorldPay - This is a global leader in payment processing operated in 40 countries. They pioneered online payments for SMBs and processes millions of payments every day.

There are many more multiple choices of payment gateway integrations which you can choose according to your needs. Offering a variety of choices can make it easy for customers and for you as well to avoid potential loss in your business.

We are dedicated to offer payment gateway integration services to your business to fetch a significant return on your Internet investment. We have deployed a contact from for you to make an easy access to contact us for our allied services.

Some of the major Payment Gateways we support include

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