Client : Confidential*

Challenge : No proper SEO elements on the site. In fact, there were many no-nos.

Strategy : We have categorized the issues / phases into basic, mid and advanced level. We have also planned an all-round improvement of traffic (like organic, referral, etc).

Approach : As part of first phase updates, we have fixed all basic mistakes and add the essential SEO elements.

Result : The first cut updates resulted in more than 300% growth in traffic.

The Process**

* We maintain the confidentialy of our clients and restrain from disclosing the names without prior permission from them.

** Only top items from the list are mentioned here. The actual process will cover lot more areas.


Total Traffic : Increased by 71.2% in 6 months
Organic Traffic: Increased by 91.4% in 6 months
Referral Traffic: Increased by 49.5% in 6 months
ColdFusion Development Company
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