Windows Server 2012 ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 10, a well-known web development platform from Adobe is now successfully supported by Windows server 2012. For those of you who would like to flourishingly install ColdFuion10 on new updated platform such as Windows Server 2012, this guide will educate on the installation process and the versatile features delivered by server 2012 platform support for CF 10.

Your ColdFusion website wouldn’t be complete without updating the site using new platform support. The ColdFusion 10 windows installers are now can steer to download the retail and licensed customer copy. To get information, review the following:

  • Feature a mandatory update of CF 10
  • Feature JRE 1.7 update 15
  • Support Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Support IISD

The ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 installers can also update the website to get the support for Microsoft Windows 8. Well, in both cases CF 10 update 8 need to be put into an application with the newest CF 10 Windows installers.

The following info explains you the server update section and installation
As we know the CF 10 Windows installer include JRE 1.7 update 15, you can simply ignore the steps of external Java Development Kit (JDK) into your application as it comes with inbuilt Java application. However, if you want to upgrade your existing JDK to next higher update level, you may have to configure the new updated steps.

Significant points to consider before the installation
All the users of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 and Windows 7 shall use this option only – “Run as Administrator”.

If you would want to give an update, make sure you install it from the command-line option or using the Administrator of a CF instance.

If you are a Windows user and would like to launch CF Administrator then follow the below instructions:

Start > All Programs > Adobe > CF 10 > Administrator
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