Top 7 Most Reliable ColdFusion Hosting Providers
Are you looking for the most reliable ColdFusion hosting partners to take your website to the next level? You’ve come to the right place!With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which hosting partner is right for you. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top and most reliable ColdFusion hosting partners. We have taken into account factors such as Media3, Hostwinds, Hostinger, Liquid Web, CFDynamics, Newtek, Hostek and its knowledgebase support to help you make an informed decision.

Our comprehensive guide provides detailed information on performance and security features that will ensure your website runs smoothly and securely. So if you want to maximize your online success and find a reliable ColdFusion hosting provider that meets all of your needs, look no further!

According to “9 of the Top 10 most reliable ColdFusion hosting partners are based in the United States.”

Table Of Contents

  1. What is ColdFusion Hosting
  2. Comparing Hosting Types
      1. Media3
      2. XBYTE
      3. Hostek
      4. CFDynamics
      5. Newtek
      6. DailyRazor
      7. HYVE Managed Hosting
      8. Flint Hosts
      9. Hostinger
      10. LiquidWeb
      11. Hostwinds
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Conclusion

    What is ColdFusion Hosting

    ColdFusion hosting refers to web hosting services and environments specifically designed and configured to support web applications and websites built using Adobe ColdFusion. Adobe ColdFusion is a powerful and versatile web application development platform that allows developers to create dynamic and data-driven web applications.

    Comparing Hosting Types

    Are you looking for the best ColdFusion hosting? You’ve got several options to choose from!
    Whether it’s Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting or Shared Hosting – there are plenty of providers available that offer high-quality services.
    Let’s take a look at some of the top ColdFusion hosting providers and compare their features!
    There are several types of ColdFusion hosting, including:

    1. Windows Hosting: ColdFusion Windows Hosting refers to a web hosting environment that is specifically configured to support web applications and websites developed using Adobe ColdFusion on a Windows server.

    2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS hosting provides more control and dedicated resources by running a virtual server on a physical server. It offers better performance and customization options compared to shared hosting.

    3. Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated server hosting offers an entire physical server exclusively for one user or organization. This provides maximum control, customization, and performance, making it ideal for resource-intensive or mission-critical applications.

    4. Cloud Hosting: Some cloud hosting providers offer ColdFusion hosting in a scalable and flexible cloud environment. This allows you to adjust resources as needed to accommodate changes in traffic and application demands.

    5. Managed Hosting: Managed ColdFusion hosting providers handle server maintenance, updates, and security, allowing users to focus on their websites and applications while leaving technical tasks to experts.

    6. Shared Hosting: In a shared hosting environment, multiple users and websites share the same server resources. It is suitable for small websites and applications with modest resource requirements.

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    Top 10 ColdFusion Hosting Providers

    Explore our comprehensive guide to find the top hosting companies offering optimized servers, superior uptime, and excellent customer support. Choose the perfect hosting solution to power your ColdFusion applications.

    1. Media3

    Looking for a top-notch partner to help you with ColdFusion hosting? Look no further than Media3! Their reliable services won’t let you down.

    Media3 is a company that ‘walk the talk.’ They are in the business of providing hosting services to ColdFusion, and their entire website, along with their support, sales, billing, and control panels are driven by CF. This unique position allows them to understand the CF community and their requirements better than anyone else. They claim to offer services that are reliable, affordable, and secure. Media3 supports single sites, offers dedicated cloud servers, and can manage load-balanced clusters. The company supports all CF version, starting from 2011, and offers a host of services such as control panel, mobile app, and 24/7 customer support.
    Media3 offers Cloud Hosting solutions, perfect for any business looking for scalability and uptime guarantees. The company provides multiple Data Centers in different locations around the world so that customers can access their information quickly. Plus, they offer regular backups of all your data – keeping it secure at all times.

    Media3’s team of experts are always available to provide assistance with any issues or questions you may have about your hosting services. They also make sure that every customer receives the best possible experience when dealing with them. From setting up simple websites to more complicated projects, Media3 is there to help out every step of the way.

    With Media3’s robust support network and reliable servers, you can be sure that your website will stay online and functioning properly without issue. Whether you’re looking for basic web hosting or something more complex, Media3 has got you covered.

    Get started today and see why many businesses trust them as their go-to provider for ColdFusion hosting solutions!

    Price: $38/month onwards

    Pro Tip
    When hosting your ColdFusion website with Media3, be sure to take advantage of their 24/7 customer support and technical expertise to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently.

    2. XBYTE

    XBYTE is your reliable hosting solution provider, they provide optimized solutions for your application with top notch security metrics. They have many years of experience specifically in hosting ColdFusion applications. Their team comprises top industry veterans.

    They are also dedicated to supporting the ColdFusion community by providing resources like presentations, videos, articles, and help guides.

    Their services go beyond ColdFusion – they can help with data storage and management anywhere, including their own cloud service (XBYTE Cloud), public cloud providers, and even on-site servers (OnPrem).

    They provide customers with the latest equipment hardware to drive powerful sites and applications at a competitive price. With complete transparency, we have no hidden fees, by default we include unlimited access to industry skilled support practitioners 24/7/365. Our team will not just migrate you for free, but onboard you with a one-to-one customer focus.

    Price: $104/month onwards

    Pro Tip
    Make the most of XBYTE‘s expertise and round-the-clock customer support to ensure seamless operation and optimal performance for your ColdFusion website. Their team of professionals is ready to assist you with any technical challenges or inquiries, helping you achieve peak efficiency and reliability for your online presence.

    3. Hostek

    You’ll be amazed at the extraordinary features that Hostek has to offer when it comes to ColdFusion hosting. It provides a wide range of options for businesses, from shared hosting and VPS solutions to dedicated servers. Its plans are competitively priced with scalable resources designed specifically for web applications like ColdFusion. In addition, its easy-to-use control panel makes managing your account simple.

    Established in 1998, Hostek is one of the leaders in providing ColdFusion hosting and server management. Affordability, Security and Reliability with 99.999% Uptime is what makes Hostek the most popular ColdFusion Hosting Company. The platform supports both 2016 & 2018 CF versions and provides 5 GB disk space along with a bandwidth of 100 GB. Hosting your website on Hostek’s shared platform can result in an increase in website speed as well as security protocols. The service provider allows you to upgrade your hardware as per your business requirements while ensuring that your website doesn’t see any downtime.

    With their managed servers, you can expect enhanced security measures such as daily malware scans, intrusion detection systems, and DDoS protection.

    Their cloud backup services provide an additional layer of protection so you don’t have to worry about losing data in case of any mishaps or disasters.

    They also offer various pricing plans depending on your specific needs – all at compatible prices compared to other leading providers.

    The great thing about Hostek is that they make setup very straightforward and user friendly by providing detailed instructions through their knowledgebase support section.

    This helps ensure that customers get up and running quickly with minimal headaches or tech skills required. Whether you need help selecting the right plan or require technical assistance setting things up, they have experts available 24/7 ready to assist you every step of the way.

    Knowledgebase Support

    Hostek’s Knowledgebase Support is your go-to resource for getting the most out of your ColdFusion hosting, providing comprehensive instructions and guidance to help you get up and running with ease. With an extensive library of resources ranging from articles to videos, Hostek makes it easy to find reliable information quickly.

    Performance and Security

    Experience the confidence of knowing your website is secure and performing at its best with Hostek’s performance and security solutions. Hostek ensures that their hosting partners have access to state-of-the-art hardware, software systems, security protocols, and data centers for reliable operations. They also conduct regular cost-benefit analysis, user reviews, infrastructure maintenance checks, and database management tasks to ensure optimal performance levels.

    Price: $5/month onwards

    Pro Tip
    Utilize a knowledgebase support system to keep track of helpful tips for any task you may encounter. Taking the time to document your experiences can save you time and energy in the future.

    4. CFDynamics

    If you’re looking for a dependable ColdFusion hosting partner, CFDynamics is the perfect choice for you. With affordable CFDynamics Pricing, top-notch CFDynamics Features, and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder why so many people choose them when they need reliable hosting solutions.

    Hosting ColdFusion through CFDynamics can offer you and your customers a powerful website irrespective of the CF version you are using. The service provider offers free WordPress and Drupal integration, along with MySQL database, dedicated IP, and more. If you opt for a starter pack, you get 10GB disk space and a monthly bandwidth of 100GB. The starter pack gives you a total of 2 domains along with 100 Enterprise Email Accounts. While the only drawback may be its cost, CFDynamics offers various plans and is ideal for anyone ranging from a small business to an enterprise.

    On top of that, each one of their plans comes with several amazing CFDynamics Benefits. From unlimited disk space to daily backups and even free SSL certificates, there are plenty of reasons to go with CFDynamics.

    The reviews from customers who have used CFDynamics speak volumes about just how dependable they are. They consistently receive glowing feedback from clients across various industries, including healthcare, finance, legal services, and more. Plus, most users report very fast response times when submitting support tickets or inquiries. It’s clear that they offer an incredibly reliable service at a competitive price point.

    If CFDynamics doesn’t sound like the right fit for your needs, then don’t worry—there are plenty of other great options out there as well. While it may be hard to find another provider with all the same CFDynamics Alternatives, some companies come close in terms of features offered and pricing structures available.

    To make sure you get exactly what you need without overspending on unnecessary extras, do your research before committing to any particular host.

    Price: $20.79/month onwards

    Now let’s move on to Newtek – another popular ColdFusion hosting partner…

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    5. Newtek

    Discover why Newtek is one of the most amazing ColdFusion hosting partners around – their features are out of this world! Newtek offers a wide range of plans and services, including different types of web hosting, cloud storage solutions, and managed IT services. Their ColdFusion hosting packages come with 24/7 support from knowledgeable technicians, as well as access to powerful tools such as Sitefinity CMS for website development.

    Here are some highlights that make them stand out:

    • Features: Offers both Windows and Linux-based options so you can choose the best solution for your business needs.
    • Plans: Flexible plans at competitive prices that fit within any budget.
    • Pricing: Affordable pricing structure designed to meet even the tightest budgets.
    • Tools: Includes advanced tools like Sitefinity CMS for developing websites quickly and efficiently.

    Newtek also provides excellent customer service when it comes to technical support. They have a team of highly skilled professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week who can help you troubleshoot issues or answer any questions you may have about their products. Additionally, they offer tutorials on popular topics related to using ColdFusion for web development.

    With all these great features and more, Newtek is an ideal choice if you’re looking for reliable ColdFusion hosting. Moving forward into the next section without taking a step let us explore Hostek’s offerings in detail.

    6. DailyRazor

    One of the biggest names in web hosting, DailyRazor, offers multiple hosting plans that are cost-effective while being technologically advanced. Similar to Hostwinds, DailyRazor also offers its clients 99.9% uptime for their websites along with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and 24/7 customer support. The only drawback of DailyRazor is that it only offers a shared hosting plan for ColdFusion platforms. While this may be great for small businesses, it can be problematic for clients that are looking to scale their online presence.

    Price:$7.89/month onwards

    7. HYVE Managed Hosting

    Price: Customizable

    HYVE offers a fully-managed, reliable, and secure service for running ColdFusion applications. CF websites get hosted on their enterprise-grade cloud platform which is managed by a team of highly-trained infrastructure professionals. The company has over 12 years of experience in providing hosting services to CF customers and offer migration as well as configuration support. They offer MySQL database support along with a multi-server load-balanced platform. HYVE supports all versions of CF starting from ColdFusion 8 Standard and offers rates that are customizable to individual requirements. The company is based in the UK and offers 24/7 customer support.

    8. Flint Hosts

    Flint Hosts is an Adobe Solutions partner and can provide customers with the expertise they have gathered over the years. Offering hosting services to CF developers since 2005, they have hosted over 5,000 CF domains spread across 30 countries. Flint Hosts offers fully-managed ColdFusion services that include security management, incident management, patch management, configuration, and deployment, along with a lot more features. The company provides its clients with custom quotations based on their requirements. Apart from providing various CF hosting features, the company also runs MySQL and MS SQL as database options along with PHP and .NET as language resources for customers using CF.
    Price: As per requirement

    The above-listed service providers are some of the best ColdFusion hosting service providers in the world and offer support, speed, and cost-effective prices. To make the right choice, you must first list-down your exact requirements, your future expansion plans, and other such deciding factors.

    9. Hostinger

    Take control of your website with Hostinger and benefit from their 99.9% uptime guarantee! With reliable server performance, scalability options, and a cost-benefit analysis that makes sense for your budget, it’s no wonder why Hostinger is becoming one of the top ColdFusion hosting partners. The setup process is straightforward and easy to understand, so you can get up and running quickly without any hassle.

    ColdFusion can be set up on any one of Hostinger’s VPS packages, which offer daily/weekly backups along with a free domain on yearly plans. The service provider offers unlimited web hosting with a bandwidth of up to 1000 GB. Anyone opting for a monthly plan gets 1 vCPU along with a RAM of 1 GB and 20 GB SSD disk space. Hostinger is one of the most affordable and high-performing ColdFusion service providers. However, it isn’t suitable for anyone who wishes to launch their website on a shared hosting package. We must ensure the maintenance and support of ColdFusion installations, as they will not be offering these services.

    Hostinger offers comprehensive features like automatic backups, secure FTP access, PHP configuration settings, database management tools, email accounts, domain parking capabilities, and more. Plus they have great customer service available 24/7 in case you need help or have questions about anything related to web hosting. Their knowledgeable staff are happy to assist you every step of the way.

    The reliability of Hostinger coupled with its cost-effective solutions make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a dependable ColdFusion hosting partner. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established web presence, Hostinger has the perfect solution ready for you.
    Cost-Benefit Analysis:
    – Automatic Backups
    – Secure FTP Access
    – PHP Configuration Settings
    – Domain Parking Capabilities
    – Comprehensive Features

    Reliable Uptime:
    – 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    – 24/7 Customer Service Support

    Scalability Options:
    – Easy Setup Process
    – Database Management Tools

    Price:$3.95/month onwards

    10. LiquidWeb

    With an average server uptime of 99.99%, LiquidWeb is a great choice for any website owner looking for dependable hosting. Plus, they boast an impressive 28-minute response time – that’s faster than the blink of an eye!

    Offering flexible plans and cloud-based solutions to suit every budget, LiquidWeb makes it easy to customize your hosting experience. Their comprehensive tools allow you to quickly set up and manage your site with automated backups so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.

    LiquidWeb also provides customized support tailored to meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises alike. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving online presence, their team is always available to offer expert advice whenever needed. They make sure that all customer inquiries are answered promptly and thoroughly, regardless of complexity or urgency.

    From managed WordPress solutions to dedicated servers, LiquidWeb provides everything you need in terms of reliable ColdFusion hosting partners. With secure and scalable services designed around your business goals, they make sure that no matter how big or small your project may be, it will run smoothly from start to finish. We must ensure the maintenance and support of ColdFusion installations, as they will not be offering these services. Now that’s something worth investing in!

    Pro Tip

    Pro Tip: Get the most reliable hosting experience available with LiquidWeb’s 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 support. Make sure your website is always available for your customers, no matter what.

    11. Hostwinds

    Discover the difference with Hostwinds – an experienced, efficient hosting provider that guarantees great results. With a wide variety of hosting plans, pricing models, and uptime guarantees tailored to your individual needs, Hostwinds delivers reliable performance backed by their 24/7 technical support team. You can rest assured knowing that you’re in good hands with this professional service provider.
    Hostwinds is known for offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%, which ensures that your website is always up and running. It is a service provider dedicated to speed and is perfect for anyone launching a business. If you were to opt for Hostwinds, you would get access to 24/7 customer support, unlimited and reseller hosting, along with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Although Hostwinds is one of the best ColdFusion service providers in the market, it does fall on the higher end of the price bucket.

    Hostwinds offers powerful server resources for all applications or websites, including managed cloud hosting services and virtual private servers (VPS). Hostwinds focuses on providing high-quality customer service and satisfaction as well as state-of-the-art technology solutions. Their knowledgeable staff are available around the clock to answer any questions related to setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and more.

    They also offer several convenient features like custom control panel access, automated backups, website monitoring tools and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Plus they offer competitive rates without sacrificing quality or reliability. Whether you need general web hosting services or advanced options such as dedicated servers and hybrid cloud computing platforms, Hostwinds has something to fit every budget and requirement level. We must ensure the maintenance and support of ColdFusion installations, as they will not be offering these services.

    Price:$8.99/month onwards

    If you’re using ColdFusion to create web applications, you will need a hosting service provider. While CF allows you to create web pages and applications in no time, hosting them can be a task. This is because most hosts don’t support ColdFusion. While selecting any hosting service provider, it is essential to figure out the bandwidth, RAM, and uptime that you may require. Apart from this, you may need to figure out the amount of support you require from a hosting service provider. If you’re beginning, you may want to explore fully-managed servers. If, however, you’re running a large business, you may want to go with a hosting service provider that supports migration and is proficient in handling enterprise work.

    The above-listed service providers are some of the best ColdFusion hosting service providers in the world and offer support, speed, and cost-effective prices. To make the right choice, you must first list-down your exact requirements, your future expansion plans, and other such deciding factors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does the hosting partner offer a money-back guarantee?
    When looking for reliable hosting partners, it’s important to consider their service quality, refund policies, server performance, security protocols and technical support. A money-back guarantee is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best possible experience; after all, if the host can’t deliver on their promise of reliability then they should be willing to honor a full or partial refund request. Fortunately, most of the top ColdFusion hosting partners offer such guarantees – so no matter your needs, there’s an option available that won’t leave you out in the cold!

    2. Are there any additional fees or costs associated with the hosting plan?
    Are you concerned about additional fees or costs associated with the hosting plan? You don’t need to worry anymore! With all of the top 10 most reliable ColdFusion Hosting Partners, there are no hidden service costs. Many even offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied – so you’re covered in case things don’t work out as planned. Plus, each partner offers support for multiple domains and provides quick setup times. Above all else, their customer support teams are knowledgeable, detailed and experienced – giving you peace of mind that your needs will be met. In short, these partners provide innovative solutions without any extra expenses.

    3. Can I host multiple ColdFusion websites on the same account?
    Are you considering hosting multiple ColdFusion websites on the same account? You’re not alone! Many people are looking for reliable and secure hosting solutions that offer comprehensive managed support, scaling options, add-on services, security services, and migration assistance. With so many choices out there it can be difficult to make an informed decision. Luckily, our team of experts has put together a list of the 10 best ColdFusion hosting partners – each offering innovative features designed to help power your online presence with ease. So don’t wait any longer – explore these amazing opportunities today and find the perfect solution for all your multi-website hosting needs!

    5. How do I know which ColdFusion hosting provider is best for my website?
    Choosing the best ColdFusion hosting provider for your website depends on a variety of factors, such as scalability, data storage, cloud hosting capabilities, customer support quality and uptime guarantees. Look for providers that offer reliable infrastructure with managed services and easy-to-use control panels for managing your websites. Research user reviews to find out about their experience in terms of customer service and performance. Additionally, make sure you compare prices before making a decision so you can get the best value for your money.

    6. How reliable and secure is ColdFusion hosting?
    ColdFusion hosting is reliable and secure as long as you use a reputable provider. Performance testing should be carried out to ensure that the service meets your scalability needs, while security protocols must be in place to protect data and error logging helps identify any potential issues quickly. The best ColdFusion hosting providers offer different types of hosting options so it’s important to research each one carefully before making a decision.

    7. Are there any additional fees associated with ColdFusion hosting?
    When considering a ColdFusion hosting provider, it is important to find out if there are any additional fees associated with the service. Many providers offer database integration, server compatibility, and security protocols in their packages. Additionally, they may also provide hosting platforms that can be used for budget estimation or customized according to your needs. It is best to contact the provider directly to determine what fees may apply.


    When it comes to choosing the right ColdFusion hosting partner for your business, it’s essential to consider what each provider offers. Media3 ensures 99.9% uptime guarantee and website availability, XBYTE brings years of ColdFusion hosting experience, and Hostek has decades of experience. By comparing their features and considering your specific needs, you can make a smart decision that boosts your online presence.

    With careful research into features like performance and security, you can make an educated choice about which one is right for you.