HTML 5 Player - Alternative to Flash Player on Smart Phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc


Recently, we have been getting lot of requests saying the flash components (audio, video players, banners, etc) integrated on their ColdFusion Website / Application are not working on smart phones and tablets. True, while there are workarounds to make flash work on Android, it is absolutely not compatible with the most popular iOS (iPhone / iPad) and many other smart phones / tablets.

So, how do we resolve it? No need to panic. There is this alternative called HTML 5, a new web standard which has been adopted by Google, Apple and many others. It lets us create advanced graphics, animations, etc without any third party browser plug-ins (like Flash). This is very easy to integrate as well. Phew…

But, there are other problems like ‘not all the browsers accept same video format’, ‘not all videos (like HD) can be played on all the browsers’, etc to deal with. Here comes the need for a team who can work on HTML 5, Videos/Animations, ColdFusion to replace Flash and integrate HTML5 player on ColdFusion Website / Application so you need not worry about any more compatibility issues.

If you are in need of such help, please contact us.