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HTML5 client-side charting in ColdFusion 10

The popular web development platform from Adobe, ColdFusion 10 is not taking a nap on its laurels. It has come with a ton of powerful features readily available to use with HTML 5. The ColdFusion 10’s HTML5 advanced features surely make your web experience better and richer than ever before. Here we gathered a few highly important features of ColdFusion 10 and its HTML5 support – a big addition to the newest version of CF 10.

Types of interactive charting

Adobe boasts the capability of delving client-side charting and collectively gives its users to dynamically access and re-rendering of real-time data. Developing the first server-side solutions to help give users access to the most powerful HTML5 applications, the CF 10 successfully delivers richer charts. There are 3 types of charts where users can bring dynamic and customizable imagery chart to viewing the massive data – Basic chart, 3D chart and Flash chart.

As mentioned earlier, the Adobe’s CF 10 promises to provide wide range of Chart features, here are two most versatile custom JSON styles in charts.

  1. Zoomable chart
  2. Dynamic chart

Cf 10 provides certain default chart styles, you can anyways re-render or override the basic styles by customizing the attributes withing the tag.