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Server monitoring allows you to gather information about one or more servers, including sessions, response time, memory usage, alerts, errors, queries, and more. If you are using ColdFusion Enterprise, you can access flash-based application called ColdFusion Server Monitor from the administrator panel. To track the status of multiple ColdFusion servers, you can use the MultiServer Monitor. There are other monitoring solutions such as SeeFusion and FusionReactor. This article highlights ways in which you can monitor ColdFusion Servers from different CF platforms.

ColdFusion Server Monitor

Introduced in ColdFusion 8, Server Monitor offers a real-time view of the performance of your server. Its default state is off; therefore, you have to launch the monitor from the administrator panel before you begin. Once launched, you can see the performance of your server in the ‘Overview’ tab. The Server Monitor calculates performance by gathering information about all requests, both active and slow, server usage, active sessions, highest hits, cache status, time-out errors, and alerts.

Using ColdFusion Server Monitor is easy. It allows you to start a profiling system, which can help you remove requests that consume much memory and determine the tags that cause the application to slow down. After gathering the required information from monitoring and profiling server information, you can start memory tracking and making the required changes. To end the monitoring session, all you have to do is reset all data collected and click refresh. In case you have to monitor more than one server, you can use MultiServer Monitor, another SWF application that provides monitoring solutions for more than one ColdFusion servers.

Tools help ColdFusion server performance upgrade:

1. SeeFusion

A monitoring solution for Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion servers, SeeFusion tracks metrics like active requests, query bottlenecks, and offers detailed troubleshooting information. Its Enterprise edition offers one dashboard to monitor multiple servers at once, along with a database logging system. If you are a ColdFusion developer, you can install SeeFusion in two simple steps that include installing and configuring query monitoring.

With SeeFusion, you can create active and passive monitoring profiles. While the active profile allows you to gather real-time server data 24/7, the passive profile takes snapshots of the system and code during intervals predetermined by you. The monitor lets you create automated interventions, block IPs using DoS Protection, and configure a whitelist of IPs that are never blocked by the system. SeeFusion also allows you to set rules that, when triggered, send you an automated email.

2. FusionReactor

Recommended by Adobe, FusionReactor is the only Application Performance Monitor (AMP), used throughout the Software Development Web Cycle (SDLC). It offers highly detailed information about your servers, pinpoints bottlenecks created by queries, identifies issues, and removes ColdFusion errors. One of the highlights of FusionReactor is that it keeps the server up and running, even when it is under excessive load or is running out of memory.

By using FusionReactor, you can monitor your server through database monitoring, end-user monitoring, and transaction monitoring. With this system, you can get insights into code performance, identify and isolate memory gaps, and reach root cause analysis, while getting a real-time feed of the overall health of your server.

FusionReactor announces the immediate release of FusionReactor 9.0 with great features.

  • Log monitoring – easily search and analyze your logs to troubleshoot and spot anomalies and ingest ANY logs from your system
  • New dashboards – view, visualize and explore metrics and log data using our intuitive, graphical dashboards
  • An improved alerting engine – offers richer and more powerful alerting for metrics and logs
  • Cloud Explore – a new way to visualize and inspect metrics, logs and trace data

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Server monitoring is not an easy task however, there are multiple solutions available that you can use as a ColdFusion developer. If you’re using Adobe CF platform, you can go with the version of the Server and MultiServer Monitor. If you need professionals to monitor your servers, please contact us. We offer a one-stop ColdFusion workshop, offering service from creating web applications to maintaining servers.