Marketplace Integration with Coldfusion

What is Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a third-party seller which sells products on the marketplace websites online. Marketplace will sell products from multiple third-party vendors which will increase the customer base.

Why would an eCommerce website needs Integration with Marketplace

The Marketplace attracts more customers than an individual eCommerce store. It is good to sell products on multiple marketplaces than doing on your single store.

Managing multiple marketplaces is not easy with a manual process So it will be best to set up a marketplace managing dashboard that will do all marketplace needed actions like uploading all our product details including product title, details, price, and inventory data for them to sell on the marketplace. All the orders we got for our products will be sent back to us for the fulfillment process. Upon fulfillment of orders, we will send tracking details to the marketplace. Marketplace will provide all types of reports (inventory, order and product reports) to make transactions easy.

What are the top Marketplaces?

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • bigCommerce
  • Wayfair
  • Jet

Process of Marketplace integration with an eCommerce website

We need to integrate the API in order to work with any marketplace. All Marketplaces will provide API documentation and support teams for the Integration.

Set up and create API credentials on each marketplace site, and save them on your system admin marketplace-wise.

Build an admin dashboard to manage/schedule all Marketplace feeds like preparing bulk and single product feeds, pulling orders from the marketplace, and pushing fulfillment to all marketplaces. This includes product creation, inventory updates, price updates, pulling orders, pushing fulfillment, and competitor pricing updates.

Here are the steps we need to follow:

1. DB design: First prepare the DB table to manage all marketplace store credentials for APIs.

2. API Setup: Set up API credentials on marketplace stores.

3. API Integration: Prepare API integration code for all marketplaces and all feeds like product creation, inventory updates, price updates, pulling orders, pushing fulfillment and competitor pricing updates.

4. Schedulers: Make sure all feeds are running regularly on schedulers and error handlers on the place.

5. Fulfillment: Fulfillment will be handled from the vendor side with the help of Shipping APIs, and tracking details will be sent to marketplaces. Here is more info on Shipping APIs.

6. Reports: Giving all the sales reports marketplace-wise help in concentrating the particular marketplace to improve sales.

We have the expertise to Integrate Marketplaces with your eCommerce website Using ColdFusion. Do contact us in case you require any custom services in ColdFusion.