ColdFusion Summit 2013

The very first dedicated ColdFusion summit from Adobe kicked off a couple of weeks back in Las Vegas. This summit has brought in one fell swoop more than 500 plus attendees from around the world, including developers, engineers, research marketers, and tech geeks. Now its the time to review the ColdFusion summit 2013.

With two days of talk on ColdFusion topics by the Gurus, it comprehended several keynotes and a few big steps that recently took in ColdFusion (From advanced topics, implementation and language enhancements to a good amount of coverage on the next version of ColdFusion named Splendor). For the most part this summit was a whirlwind of inspiring thoughts and presentations from ColdFusion team and its community speakers.

Here are a few most inspiring innovations in CF and important sessions given by the ColdFusion team at this summit.

Ben Forta started with a quick review about the history of ColdFusion, its recent changes and strengths in ColdFusion along the way. There was a good amount of coverage on ColdFusion versions, real-time examples demonstrated in Python and other languages, illustration on CFCLIENT code and much more. Hearing all of it with a pixel perfect PDF from Ben and Rakshith is sure to be enjoyable — definitely this was a full-time pleasure for CFCLIENT fans.

Some keynotes they discussed:

  • Addition of member functions
  • JSON serialization and its improvement
  • Full ColdFusion script support
  • Java integration
  • CF Hour and CF911 sessions
  • Advanced web services by Amazon

Those of us who are currently working on CF or who’re interested to work on a product using CF – these sessions have rounded up some of the biggest highlights and advancements that are sure to make things exceptionally better in a long way.

ColdFusion Splendor
This session was focused on language enhancements, mobile application compatibility and technical details of advanced security features that are coming in the next version of ColdFusion.

Encrypt attributes for encrypting mails was one of the focal points of this conversation, the experts of the Adobe team addressed how effective it is to encrypt mails using attributes, which has a lot more advanced features to include further in the near future — all this sure a way to avoid any sort of security issues and vulnerabilities.

Some notes about NoSQL maintenance in applications and server troubleshooting was pretty enjoyable and is an enlightening session polished with a great content, impressive slides, exceptional examples and a real-time approach.

In between there were some questions posed by folks about the release date, product upgrades and what’s new in CF next version, the diverse group of Adobe ColdFusion speakers with strong technical knowledge and with their expertise tackled those challenging questions in a most admirable way.

The summit has included many more than just those mentioned above. This discussion is particularly important because as there’s always a room to develop and integrate real-time applications in any project with ColdFusion.