Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013

The ColdFusion Summit 2013 organized by Adobe’s ColdFusion team is on October 24th and 25th!

Venue: Manadalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Register at (Registration cost: $250)

Each paid registration will receive a FREE copy of ColdFusion Builder (MSRP value of $299!)

We are going, Are you coming?

Ok, the first question you might be asking – “Why should I attend this summit?” Well, this is an excellent opportunity to connect in-person with the ColdFusion community including engineers, developers, domain leaders and peers and learn about the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies. Adobe has splendor roadmap to dazzle ColdFusion’s future with next releases “ColdFusion Splendor” and “ColdFusion Dazzle”.

Here is a sneak peak on the next version of ColdFusion

ColdFusion server codenamed “Splendor”

• Mobile – Streamlined Mobile Application Development

• Revamped and new PDF functionalities

• Enabling Enterprise to easily integrate with Social Media Streams

• Improved installation and deployment experience

ColdFusion Builder codenamed “Thunder”

• End-to-end Mobile Application Development Workflow

• Improved getting started experience

• Professional JavaScript Development support

ColdFusion on cloud

• ColdFusion “Splendor” AMI on AWS

• Flexible cloud offerings

Some of other focus areas for Splendor

Performance, Security, Pluggable Framework, HTML5

References: Adobe ColdFusion Future Product Releases Roadmap