ColdFusion Summit 2013

Adobe ColdFusion met, yet again for the second time in Las Vegas on 24th October 2013 which was a vogue summit held to discuss the latest advancements, possible discoveries and dispersed with a better and an unerring eye for the coming times. With great attendance from all paths of technology like engineers, business analysts, techies etc, Adobe ColdFusion has been a huge success with some keynotes to be noted, speakers with significant past and present attached to their names & their deliveries on ColdFusion & a promise for the upcoming products of Adobe.

Top Speakers & What they Spoke

Charlie Arehart
Being the go-to guy for any problem in ColdFusion for nearly 14 years, Charlie Arehart carries along with him a priceless experience and expertise of over 3 decades in IT & Enterprise solutions. He has found his deserving place on Adobe’s ColdFusion Customer Advisory Board, Adobe Forums MVP, and also been hailed as a recognized Adobe Community Professional.

Mr. Arehart currently runs an on-demand troubleshooting and assistance setup for ColdFusion at all levels independently. He also efficiently manages an exclusive ColdFusion meet website with nearly 3000 members subscribed:

He has been loyally associated with ColdFusion ever since its inception and actively participated in all the summits that were held on ColdFusion. He gave his valuable contributions to Ben Forta’s ColdFusion 8, 9, 10 versions WACK books.

In this summit, he eloquently spoke about the CF10 on tomcat and the difference between tomcat and JRun. The internal web servers and external web servers’ integration are widely discussed by Charlie Arehart.

Keynotes covered by Charlie Arehart:
Charlie Arehart comprehensively covered the following keynotes in his talk at Adobe ColdFusion 2013 Summit.

  • Newly found capabilities of Apache Tomcat
  • Web server integration
  • Configuration tweaks
  • Difference between generic Tomcat and Tomcat under ColdFusion
  • Logging Configuration

Raymond Camden
Raymond Camden plainly feels the uplifting in his spirits whenever he hears the word Adobe. He is currently working as Senior Developer Evangelist at Adobe and is so proud to be that. His major areas of expertise are web standards, mobile development and ColdFusion. Apart from being a developer, Mr. Camden is an established author with a diversified range of topics to discuss and write about.

In ColdFusion Summit 2013 held in Las Vegas, Raymond Camden enthusiastically spoke about Solr exclusively and the way it enhances and refines search options on a website. The following are the keynotes he delivered while being at the podium.


  • Briefing about cfcollection/cfindex/cfsearch
  • Implementation of Solr in a real time website and the awareness of its User Interface
  • A look into enhancing search input options to facilitate various types of searches
  • A look at improvising Solr

Rakshith Naresh
Tuning in at fine proportions the business skills of being at Product Manager at desk and technical prowess of being an Engineer at brains has been a cake walk for Rakshith Naresh. He efficiently handles the responsibilities of a Product Manager for ColdFusion.
Coming to ColdFusion Summit 2013, Rakshith Naresh proudly spoke about how Adobe with the help of its loyal users can take the business to the next level. There’s a clear cut idea laid ahead by Rakshith Naresh with planned initiatives and projecting the possibilities of Adobe in the future of how far and wide it can reach.


  • A plan that suggest overall improvement
  • The next step beyond ColdFusion Splendor
  • Overlook of initiatives for a better ColdFusion
  • Hopeful congregation of Adobe and its users to make it altogether a better user experience

Ben Forta
Being an avid blogger on his passionate front and a celebrated writer with over half a million copies of his books sold and translated into more than fifteen languages written on SQL, ColdFusion, Java, Regular Expressions. On the mainstream front for bread on his table, Ben Forta serves as the Director of Developer Relations for Adobe Inc. He has been instrumental in collaborating with IT industry’s giants to bring forth the revolutionary advancements to the convenience of lay man.


  • Brief narration about technical evangelism
  • Developer awareness and education
  • Web and application development subjects
  • Increment in the awareness of ColdFusion 10

Significance of ColdFusion
ColdFusion stands second to none when it comes to technology and empowerment. Enhancement and upgrading skills is promised with ColdFusion and the summit provides with an eloquent narrative on what it takes to take the technology to the next level. The whole Adobe team with personnel who’re instrumental in maneuvering the organization towards relatively newer paths of technology will grave the event; thereby providing a rare opportunity to be met, interacted and share views.

Application of established technologies in real time environments and the flowchart of applications will be elaborately discussed. Percepts from the experts are highly purposeful in taking the existing technologies to an altogether new level.

With interaction being the pinnacle of the summit, exchange of ideas and information and thus, knowledge stands the crown of the summit. Let’s enthusiastically look forward for the imminent 2014 Adobe ColdFusion Summit!