Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program
Are you looking to become a certified Adobe ColdFusion specialist? If so, then this comprehensive guide is just what you need! This article will provide detailed information about the Adobe ColdFusion certification program, including the requirements for taking the exam, what’s covered on the exam, and tips on how to prepare for it. We’ll also discuss the benefits of becoming certified and provide an overview of the certification process. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be ready to take your career to the next level with a certification in Adobe ColdFusion.

You don’t need any prior experience or programming skills to get started – all you need is a commitment to learn and grow. By equipping yourself with all of the necessary information and skills needed for success in this program, you can find yourself on your way to becoming an expert in no time. So read on and start preparing yourself now for a successful certification in Adobe ColdFusion!




Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program is a comprehensive course to become an expert in ColdFusion development and gain recognition. It requires prerequisites such as the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion Server and Builder, and covers topics such as ColdFusion tags & functions, main ColdFusion constructs, object-oriented programming, and error handling.

Table Of Contents

  1. Overview of the Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program
  2. Benefits of Becoming Certified
  3. Preparing for the Exam
  4. Overview of the Certification Process
  5. Background Information on the Program
  6. Registering for the Online Certification
  7. Accessing the Online Video Content
  8. Taking the Certification Exam
  9. ColdFusion Tags
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Conclusion

Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program Overview

If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level and prove yourself as a top-notch developer, the Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program is the way to go!

With over 50 online videos designed for professionals with basic to advanced level proficiency in any computer language, this certification program offers flexibility and benefits that make it worth investing.

The cost of the certification exam is $149 which includes access to training content for one year along with a certificate and badge upon passing assessment.

This open book exam can be taken at CF Summit or online at a later date, however participants need own laptop/desktop computer, power, internet connection microphone, webcam during examination.

Learning resources such as introduction to ColdFusion, variables and datatypes, main ColdFusion constructs, ColdFusion functions scopes and reusing code are covered in this comprehensive course making sure you understand all aspects of modern CFML coding best practices.

Moreover certifying your skills will not only increase job opportunities but also improve chances of promotion and/or getting hired.

All versions of Adobe Coldfusions from its latest release including major features are included in the course too so there’s no fear of missing out on anything important related to this technology.

It’s time now to gear up for success by registering for online certification and making payment for access to online video material – discount available for students, teachers, educators at $299 giving them an edge over others who seek same recognition without spending much money.

So take advantage of these learning resources today and get certified in Adobe ColdFusion – your ticket into higher positions awaits!

Requirements to Take the Exam

To take the exam, a laptop/desktop computer with power, internet connection, microphone and webcam are required along with the latest update of Adobe ColdFusion Server and Builder pre-installed.

Additionally, participants need to apply by registering for online certification and making payment for access to online video material. The cost is $149 which includes access to online training content for one year, certificate and badge upon passing assessment. Discounts are available for students, teachers, and educators at $299.

The structure of the exam is an open book where candidates can keep their notes and books with them during the test. Preparing ahead of time will be beneficial as there are certain topics that should be mastered prior to taking it such as variables and datatypes, main CFML constructs, functions, scopes etc. Understanding these fundamentals will help individuals pass the assessment more easily.

Receiving certification from Adobe has significant benefits such as improved chances of promotion or getting hired due to certifying skills in a popular web development language like ColdFusion . Having expertise in this technology also allows developers to act as a bridge between different systems within an organization or business project. With proper preparation and knowledge on what’s covered on the exam, individuals can successfully obtain Adobe’s ColdFusion Certification Program badge and certificate that symbolizes proficiency in modern CFML coding best practices.

What’s Covered on the CF Exam

You’ll be tested on the essential concepts of ColdFusion, from variables and datatypes to database operations and object-oriented programming, so you can prove your expertise in modern coding best practices.

The exam covers topics such as CFML Syntax, CFML Libraries, CFCs Creation, CFML Debugging, and Advanced CFML.

You will need a thorough understanding of these areas if you want to pass the Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program assessment test.

Additionally, you should have knowledge about error handling, forms, PDFs and spreadsheets support in order to ace this comprehensive exam.

With the right preparation and dedication to learning all facets of ColdFusion development, passing this certification program will bring many rewards and open up new opportunities for growth within your career.

Benefits of Becoming ColdFusion Certified

Gaining certification in ColdFusion can bring a range of benefits to your career, and help you stand out from the crowd.

With an Adobe ColdFusion Certification, you open up new job opportunities by demonstrating advanced knowledge of CFML coding best practices.

You also gain access to a professional networking community with other certified individuals who are experienced in this technology.

Having industry recognition due to being certified will give your career a credibility boost that could lead to advancement possibilities within the organization or even when seeking positions elsewhere.

Furthermore, employers may be more likely to hire someone who has taken the time to become certified because it shows their commitment to learning and understanding the language.

By becoming certified in Adobe ColdFusion, you can prove your expertise and demonstrate that you possess the skills needed for success in today’s competitive market.

The certification proves that you understand how to apply fundamental concepts as well as modern CFML coding best practices which is sure to provide numerous long-term advantages for your career.

With such an impressive credential on your resume, it’s no wonder why earning an Adobe ColdFusion Certification is attractive for many professionals wanting to advance their careers.

How To Prepare for the ColdFusion Exam?

Gaining certification in ColdFusion requires preparation, and you can start by familiarizing yourself with the content in the online videos. Understanding prerequisites is an important step before taking the exam.

You must have a laptop or desktop computer with power, internet connection, microphone and webcam to take part in the assessment test. Adobe ColdFusion Server and Adobe ColdFusion Builder should also be installed on your device for successful completion of the exam.

Additionally, participants need knowledge of fundamental concepts such as variables and datatypes, main ColdFusion constructs, functions, scopes; reusing code; basic database operations; object-oriented programming; ORM; error handling; forms; PDFs and spreadsheet support.

Exam topics are based on these prerequisite skills so it’s best to gain some practical experience before attempting this test. Getting hands-on practice will help you understand questions better when taken during examination time. Comprehensive training helps build understanding of difficult concepts while providing sufficient information about modern coding best practices related to CFML language.

Training materials include both theoretical study material along with examples which aid in comprehending complex topics easily. Working through exercises is a great way to ensure that all areas have been covered before appearing for the final assessment test.

The advantages of becoming certified includes improved chances of getting hired or promotion within current organization. It also allows access to exclusive resources from Adobe available only to certified members along with discounts on various products offered by them. Furthermore, passing the assessment opens up new opportunities for professionals as they become recognized worldwide for their expertise on Adobe ColdFusion technologies.

To make sure you pass the exam successfully it’s beneficial to use tips like reviewing notes prior to taking each question and reading instructions carefully as well as keeping track of time spent answering individual questions during examination day.

Overview of the Certification Process

Discover how to become an Adobe ColdFusion expert and get recognized worldwide with this certification program.

The process for becoming certified is straightforward, yet rigorous, so having a comprehensive understanding of the program’s requirements will help you succeed.

To begin, there are 50+ online videos that cover all versions of ColdFusion along with fundamental concepts and modern CFML coding best practices like database access, debugging tips, security measures, coding standards, performance tuning and more.

After completing these materials and passing the assessment test, participants receive a badge and certificate from Adobe validating their proficiency in ColdFusion development.

This credential can open doors to new opportunities or promotions within your organization as it demonstrates mastery of the technology.

So don’t wait – start learning today and put yourself on the path towards success!

Background Information on the Program

Ready to take your development skills to the next level? This industry-leading certification program will help you gain recognition and prove your proficiency in ColdFusion. With more than 50 online videos, it’s designed for professionals with basic to advanced levels of proficiency in any computer language.

Upon passing an assessment test, participants receive a badge and certificate from Adobe that covers all versions of ColdFusion. The certification overview includes training on fundamental concepts as well as modern CFML coding best practices and major features in the latest release of Adobe ColdFusion. It also explains how CF acts as a glue between different systems.

Having certified skills can increase chances of promotion or even getting hired! The new certification program includes training materials so you can prepare for the exam effectively.

It’s important to know what is required before registering for the online certification: participants must have their own laptop/desktop computer, power, internet connection, microphone, and webcam during assessment test time; they should also have the latest update of Adobe ColdFusion Server and Adobe ColdFusion Builder pre-installed on their laptop.

The cost of the online certification is $149 which includes access to training content for one year along with a certificate and badge upon successful completion of the assessment test (discount available for students, teachers, & educators at $299). So don’t wait – start taking advantage of this great opportunity today!

Exam Details and Format

The Adobe ColdFusion Certification Exam, also known as the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam, consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed within a 65-minute time frame. 

The exam content is divided into various key areas including application security, database manipulation, error handling, and server administration among others. You will need to achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass the exam. 

The format of the exam is designed to test your understanding and practical application of ColdFusion. Each question will present a real-world scenario that requires you to apply your knowledge and skills to determine the correct answer. 

The exam is conducted online and can be taken from anywhere in the world. You will receive your results immediately after completing the test. 

If you pass, you will be awarded the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) credential which is a globally recognized certification. However, if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you can retake it after a 14-day waiting period. 

Registering for the Online Certification

Take your development skills to the next level in no time flat with this incredible certification program! Register now and get ready to unlock amazing new opportunities.

Securing access to the exam is easy and straightforward – just register online for access to the video material, then make payment of $149 (or a discounted rate of $299 if you are a student/teacher/educator).

The examination itself isn’t too difficult, but it does require dedication and preparation. It consists of an open book format that can be taken either at CF Summit or online at a later date. You’ll need your own laptop/desktop computer, power, internet connection, microphone, and webcam present during assessment test. The topics covered include introduction to ColdFusion, variables and datatypes, main ColdFusion constructs, ColdFusion functions, scopes, reusing code, basic database operations, object-oriented programming etc.

When you pass the assessment test you will receive a badge and certificate from Adobe which signifies proficiency in all versions of ColdFusion as well as major features in the latest release – making certifying these skills even more valuable when looking for promotion or applying for jobs!

Ready to take up the challenge? Get started by registering for online certification today!

Accessing the Online Video Content

Gain the edge you need to become a ColdFusion expert with this comprehensive course – all from the comfort of your own home!

In this online certification program, participants have access to over 50 videos that cover everything they need to know about CFML syntax and debugging. With detailed coverage on exam prep, benefits of certifying in ColdFusion, and online resources available for further study, it’s easy to get up-to-speed with Adobe ColdFusion.

The video content covers fundamental concepts and modern CFML coding best practices; introducing variables and datatypes as well as advanced topics such as object-oriented programming (OOP) and error handling. Participants can take their time watching each lesson at their own pace or speed through them if they already have basic understanding. The key here is being able to understand how the language works so when it comes time for assessment testing, there are no surprises!

Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program also provides hands-on practice opportunities with forms, PDFs, spreadsheets, databases operations etc., which allow participants to apply what they learned during the video lessons. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to increase their proficiency level in any computer language – giving users more job security and better chances of promotion once certified.

Now let’s move onto taking the certification exam!

Taking the Certification Exam

Take the plunge to skyrocket your computer programming talents and unlock a world of opportunities with this once-in-a-lifetime certification exam!

The Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program offers an industry-leading assessment that tests participants on their knowledge of Structuring Data, Debugging Strategies, Platform Compatibility, Error Handling, and Security Practices.

You can take the exam online at any time or in person at CF Summit.

The assessment is open book, so you’re allowed to keep notes and reference books during the test.

Prerequisites include having a laptop/desktop computer with power, internet connection, microphone, webcam and the latest update of Adobe ColdFusion Server and Adobe ColdFusion Builder pre-installed.

Passing the exam will earn you a badge and certificate from Adobe, plus recognition for your skillset among employers.

So what are you waiting for? Get certified today!

ColdFusion Tags

As part of this program, you will learn all about the powerful tags that make up the backbone of ColdFusion development.

From Object Modeling to File Handling, Database Access to Error Handling, and even MVC Pattern implementation – there’s something for everyone at every level of proficiency.

ColdFusion tags are easy to use and understand but can be complex when used in combination with other programming languages or frameworks.

You will gain an understanding of how these tags interact with each other as well as their purpose within CFML code.

The certification exam tests your knowledge on these topics so it is important to have a clear grasp on them before attempting the assessment test.

The best way to become familiar with ColdFusion tags is through hands-on experience writing CFML code.

By writing snippets of code using various tags, you can get comfortable using them and better prepare yourself for the certification exam.

With practice comes confidence and mastery – both essential components for success on any examination!

ColdFusion Functions

Become an expert in ColdFusion development and unlock the full potential of CFML code by mastering the functions available to you.

There are over 200 native functions that can help you perform tasks such as data retrieval, database queries, error handling, custom tags, security policies and more.

With each function comes a detailed set of instructions which allow experienced developers to customize their applications for specific purposes.

For example, using the CFCOLLECTION tag allows developers to create collections of objects that can be sorted or filtered according to certain criteria.

Using these commands makes it easier for developers to manage large amounts of data without having to write complex SQL statements or loops.

Additionally, there are several utility commands like IsDate(), ListToArray() and Duplicate() that can make life much simpler when dealing with date formats, lists and arrays respectively.

By understanding how these functions work together, developers can create powerful web-based software solutions quickly and effectively.

This leads us into our next topic: scopes – the environment where variables live and interact within your ColdFusion application.


Gain an understanding of scopes and unlock the potential of your ColdFusion application by mastering the environment where variables live and interact. Scopes are a powerful tool in CFML development, allowing you to control how variables are shared between different parts of your codebase. They provide you with extra security against malicious user input, enforce good coding practices for performance tuning, help debug errors more quickly, and can even be used as part of your error-handling strategy.

The main types of scopes available in ColdFusion are:

– request scope (the default)
– local scope
– global scope
– URL scope
– form scope
– cookie scope

Each has its own syntax rules for declaring and referencing variables that must be followed. Understanding these will ensure that your application runs smoothly without any unexpected bugs or errors.

Additionally, it is important to note that all of these scopes have their own levels of security which should be taken into account when developing applications – particularly those related to sensitive data such as passwords or personal information.

CFML provides several built-in functions to help manage scopes including `getPageContext()`, `setVariable()` and `scopeNew()`. Utilizing these tools correctly can drastically improve not only the speed at which you can develop but also the quality of your codebase overall.

With a comprehensive understanding of both CFML Syntax and debugging techniques related to scopes, you’ll be able to create efficient applications with fewer errors in less time.

Main ColdFusion Constructs

By mastering the main ColdFusion constructs, you can quickly develop efficient applications and unlock your codebase’s true potential.

CFML syntax, which stands for ColdFusion Markup Language, is the primary language used in Adobe ColdFusion. It incorporates HTML markup tags with custom CFML tags that allow developers to create dynamic webpages that interact with databases through powerful queries and stored procedures.

CFScript Syntax is a scripting language based on JavaScript that enables easy development of complex applications without having to write multiple lines of code. Additionally, it also offers database connectivity via JDBC drivers so you can easily connect to any major database platform from within your application.

Debugging tools like cfdump and cfquery are immensely useful when developing ColdFusion applications as they let you view all variables and debug errors quickly.

Security measures such as encryption algorithms ensure secure communication between server and client by encrypting data before it gets transmitted over networks or devices.

Moreover, there are several other features included in Adobe ColdFusion such as XML processing support, Ajax integration, charting capabilities etc., enabling developers to build feature-rich websites and applications faster than ever before.

The combination of these advanced features makes ColdFusion an ideal choice for building modern web-based applications. With its object-oriented programming capabilities, robust security measures, and debugging tools at their disposal, developers can develop highly functional solutions more efficiently than ever before.

Object-Oriented Programming

Be a coding master and take your development skills to the next level with object-oriented programming!

With this latest certification program from Adobe ColdFusion, you’ll learn how to use AJAX requests, error handling techniques, database queries, and more.

You’ll also discover the power of object inheritance in order to create components that can be reused throughout your application for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding of component design so you can build robust applications quickly and easily.

Once these advanced concepts are mastered, you will have all the tools necessary to write clean code that is easy to debug and maintain.

You will be able to develop faster because you won’t need to reinvent the wheel every time; instead, you can reuse existing code for tasks such as authentication or data validation.

Not only does it save time but also helps reduce errors since there’s less room for typos when using pre-written functions.

Ready to become a pro? Start by registering online for Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program today!

In no time at all, you’ll have access to 50+ comprehensive videos covering everything from fundamentals to modern best practices in CFML coding.

Once completed with assessment test successfully, receive badge and certificate from Adobe – plus the knowledge needed to start building powerful web applications like never before!

Reusing Code

Take your development skills to new heights by learning how to leverage existing code for tasks like authentication and data validation, so you can put together powerful applications swiftly – it’s like having a toolbox of coding tricks at your fingertips!

With the Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program, you’ll learn essential techniques for reusing source code. This allows developers to refactor their strategies in order to increase efficiency while reducing time spent on tedious programming tasks. Additionally, certified professionals will be able to optimize pre-existing code as well as apply various application frameworks when integrating with other databases.

You’ll also become adept in locating and utilizing open source libraries that are available online which can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to build complex projects from scratch. By mastering these core concepts related to reusing code, you’ll stand out among the competition and demonstrate an impressive level of technical expertise.

Furthermore, this knowledge is invaluable when developing dynamic websites or web apps quickly and cost-effectively.

From there we move onto Basic Database Operations where you will expand your database management skillset even further by taking advantage of features such as connecting multiple tables into one query result set or creating custom SQL functions within Adobe ColdFusion.

Basic Database Operations

Harness your database management skills and increase your technical expertise by connecting multiple tables into one query result set, or creating custom SQL functions within ColdFusion – you’ll be able to build dynamic websites and web apps with ease!

When it comes to basic database operations in Adobe ColdFusion, there are several aspects to understand. From the basics such as setting up a secure connection between the server and the application hosted on it, managing data storage using proper naming conventions that make maintenance easier, ensuring access privileges are granted appropriately, optimizing queries for faster processing times, all the way up more complex topics like understanding different data types available when designing databases.

Each of these elements play an important role in developing efficient applications. With knowledge of security best practices, properly storing data for retrieval later on, granting only necessary permissions while also considering performance optimization techniques can help any developer create reliable solutions quickly.

As a result from taking full advantage of what Adobe ColdFusion has to offer when working with databases developers can confidently move onto other programming challenges knowing they have mastered this skill set.


Gain control of your data and unlock powerful programming capabilities with ORM, so you can create modern, efficient applications that truly stand out.

With ORM, you can easily map objects to data sources like databases and leverage object relationships for improved performance.

Furthermore, it provides seamless database connectivity and the ability to fine-tune code security and improve application performance.

ORM offers many advantages over traditional methods of storing information in a database such as data mapping, object relationships, database connectivity, performance tuning, code security, debugging techniques and more.

Additionally, its easy-to-use interface allows developers to quickly get up to speed on how best to utilize ORM within their projects.

Plus, since ORM is built into Adobe ColdFusion Server’s core components, there are no extra installation steps required which makes it fast and simple to use!

Finally, ORM also enables developers to debug their applications faster due to its comprehensive logging features that can help pinpoint problem areas quickly and accurately.

This level of detail helps identify issues before they become full-blown problems down the line; saving time and frustration!

ORM is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to build robust web applications quickly and efficiently.

Debugging Techniques

With debugging techniques, you can quickly identify and solve problems, saving yourself time and headaches.

When working with Adobe ColdFusion, it is important to understand the basics of security testing, error handling, debug strategies, troubleshooting tips, and code optimization for efficient problem solving.

Utilizing these concepts will ensure that your code runs properly while avoiding any potential issues or errors.

Error handling is a critical component in ColdFusion development as it helps determine why an application may not be running correctly.

It allows developers to log errors within their applications so they are able to track what went wrong and fix the issue more easily.

Debugging strategies such as logging errors and tracing output can help isolate errors while troubleshooting tips like reviewing the server logs provide further insight into resolving issues.

Additionally, optimizing existing code can help improve performance by reducing redundant processes or eliminating unnecessary lines of code.

Lastly, utilizing security testing tools ensures that all aspects of your application are secure from malicious attacks or unauthorized access attempts.

Security tests should cover both authentication methods as well as authorization protocols which grant users different levels of access depending on their credentials.

Implementing proper security measures when creating web applications is essential for keeping data safe and preventing user accounts from being compromised.

With all these components combined together, Adobe ColdFusion developers can produce reliable applications with minimal bugs or errors encountered during run-time.

Error Handling, Forms, PDF and Spreadsheet Support

You can take your ColdFusion development to the next level by learning how to effectively handle errors, work with forms and PDFs, and create spreadsheets with ease.

The Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program gives developers a comprehensive understanding of these topics through its online videos. By mastering error detection, form validation, PDF generation, spreadsheet manipulation and data security, you will be well equipped to tackle any task related to ColdFusion development.

The certification program covers all versions of ColdFusion so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in CFML coding best practices. With 50+ video tutorials created for those ranging from basic to advanced levels of proficiency in any computer language, you’ll have plenty of resources available at your disposal.

After passing the assessment test at the end of the course, you’ll receive a badge as well as a certificate issued by Adobe—both demonstrating your skill set for potential employers or promotion opportunities.

Getting certified is an easy process: just register for online certification and make payment for access to the training content which lasts one year! You must also make sure that you have downloaded the latest update of Adobe ColdFusion Server and Adobe ColdFusion Builder onto your laptop/desktop computer along with other necessities such as power, internet connection, microphone and webcam during assessment tests.

There’s even discounts available if you’re a student, teacher or educator. So don’t wait any longer; start sharpening your skills today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the certification valid for?

The Adobe ColdFusion Certification is valid for three years from the date of passing. To prepare for the exam, you should use materials provided by Adobe and any other study resources available online or offline. You will have a two-hour time limit to answer all questions and must pay an examination fee before taking it. A minimum score of 70% is required in order to pass the exam.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the exam?

Taking the Adobe ColdFusion certification exam requires practical experience and preparation. You must be 18 years of age or older to take the exam, which costs $180 USD. Additionally, you should review available preparation materials such as study guides and practice tests to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the exam before taking it.

What methods of payment are accepted for the online certification?

The Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program accepts payments via credit card, PayPal and vouchers. Financial aid is available to help cover the cost of certification exams for those who qualify. You can also use coupons to get discounts on exam costs. There are alternative options such as free trial versions or academic licenses which may be able to provide you with some of the benefits of certification without having to pay full price.

Are there any discounts for members of professional organizations?

Yes, there are discounts for members of professional organizations when it comes to Adobe ColdFusion Certification. With the group benefits program, you can save up to 25% on exam preparation materials and certification costs. Additionally, online support is available which may help reduce the time commitment associated with obtaining your certification.

Is it possible to retake the exam if I don’t pass the first time?

Yes, it is possible to retake the Adobe ColdFusion Certification Program exam if you don’t pass the first time. To ensure success on a retake, be sure to review any preparation resources available and research strategies for retaking the test. The exam can vary in difficulty from person to person; however, there are payment options and group discounts available when enrolling in the program.


The Adobe ColdFusion Certification Guide is a comprehensive source of knowledge, guiding you through the process and giving you the confidence to take on any challenge.

It’s like having an experienced coach by your side, showing you how to navigate every step and helping you succeed in becoming certified.

With it at your fingertips, you can master the intricacies of ColdFusion with ease and pave the way for future success.

So don’t wait – get out there and make your mark!