API Integration using ColdFusion (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Ifbyphone etc.)

CFGMap is a ColdFusion Custom Tag, designed by Google for implementing the Google Maps Javascript API for map display. With only a few features which are displayed in the comments of the custom tag, the developer can now easily enable multiple locations with Google Maps.

With a little scripting, he/she can also perform basic functions such as asking for directions or showing quick routes from different places. CFGMap also renders the ability to define a callback method, provided all locations are geocoded to pass the location data back to the user's server for archive.

Inspite of these available applications by Google, it's quite difficult for a non-developer especially who has less to no knowledge in ColdFusion, to enable all those apps in the website.

We, at ITLandmark, have been working on this platform, serving thousands of clients who have had the more or less similar requirements.

We have so far helped our clients to retrieve information on places of interests such as parks, restaurants, hospitals or anything which is nearer to their location, including more detailed information on the place, such as the address, phone number etc.

We have also helped our users to check-in any hotel at a particular place and to add\delete a place. These check-ins are later used to evaluate the popularity of the place. In this post We have helped our clients on retrieving places of interests and displaying the same on a ColdFusion map using CFMAP.

Below are a few parameters our team passes through in creating API Integration such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Ifbyphone etc. using ColdFusion. Have a look!


To find out more on API Integrations using ColdFusion (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Ifbyphone) or if you have a ColdFusion project to get developed, we have favorably deployed a contact form for you to contact us. Our experts will help you with best services for all your web development needs.

Partial List of Integration Providers (APIs) using ColdFusion we could Develop

Google Maps, Bing Maps, IfbyPhone, Amazon Web Service, eBay, iGoogle Widgets / Gadgets, YouTube API

Google Maps API

The Google Maps APIs offers developers various ways of embedding Google maps into their web pages and also gives a way to use them as well as customize them extensively. There are various APIs including –

Google Maps Javascript API - This allows you to embed Google Maps into your own web pages. Version 3 of this is faster and highly applicable to mobile devices and rational desktop browser applications too.

This also offers various utilities for manipulating maps and adding required content through various services, thus allowing you in creation of robust map applications on the website.

Google Maps API for Flash - This Google Maps API allows the developers to embed Google Maps in Flash applications. It is also similar to JavaScript version, allowing creating robust map applications on the website.

Google Static Maps API - This allows you to embed Google Maps API on your website without JavaScript or dynamic page loading. This service builds map based on URL parameters sent by a standard HTTP request and in turn gets the map as an image that is displayed in the website.

Bing Maps API

The Bing Maps API is the rebranded name for Microsoft Virtual Earth API or Virtual Earth SDK. It includes AJAX map control features. This Bing Maps allow you to include routes and traffic info as well. It allows the developers the capability to code shapes, layers, and controls of the maps and can also summon the 3D, bird’s eye and aerial imagery.

It provides mapping APIs for JavaScript, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and WPF as well as other web services like REST and SOAP which offer geographical services like geocoding and static maps.

Bing Maps offer more comprehensive services than Google Maps API providing highly functional depth within the controls and services and also additional capability like data services.

IfbyPhone API

The ifbyphone API allows developers to automate phone calls using XML and HTTP. It makes easier to set up voice broadcasts, initiate phone calls between two parties, conference calls and more. Using the Call Initiation API on the left, one can connect two callers either directly or by using a Virtual Receptionist, Find Me, Survo or Voice-Mail.

This API helps to create a custom click-to-call, wake-up call or reminder call as well as event notifications, order status, automated dialers, anonymous calling and customer service applications.

Amazon Web Service API

This new API developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows the developers to use Amazon.com, Google or Facebook sign in systems for cloud-based applications. This concept is known as Web Identity Federation and this new API simplifies the development process by allowing the users to integrate Web-based sign-in platforms without having to mention any server code.

eBay API

This enables direct interaction with the eBay database. This API will provide a custom interface, specialized and functionality operations which are not otherwise afforded by eBay interfaces.

The eBay API helps the developers to create programs which

iGoogle Widgets / Gadgets

This is a Google Web API that allows users to build widgets (webpart, web portlet, web plugin) to run actively in a user iGoogle page or any other webpage easily. Here, the users are allowed to add a gadget to their iGoogle portal, or can code it onto their web page, by specifying a URL.

There are security constraints that prevent users from misusing the portal and gadgets. Users can communicate via a remote call to a third part server with other gadgets.

YouTube API

The YouTube API allows developers to integrate YouTube's videos content and functionality in to your web page, device or application. To use this, you must need a Developer ID, which is attached to the YouTube account of the developer. It offers the ability to find videos, retrieve standard feeds and see related content.

It gives the users or developers the programmatic access to the video and its information stored on YouTube. This allows performing actions like rating the videos and commenting on them.

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