Search Engine Optimized Websites using ColdFusion

Is a ColdFusion website SEO friendly? This is perhaps the most commonly asked question these days when it comes to ColdFusion Applications.

Few days back one of our esteemed clients was wrestling with few things in his ColdFusion Website. Although his site was 12 years old and it was ranking significantly for few of its keywords, the page rank for home page was only 3.

The website had 15 top level categories and 20,000 products, followed by 120 manufacturers and numerous vendors.

We listed out an initial blueprint on all possible problems the website would be facing in terms of SEO. Here are they:

Here are the solutions:

ColdFusion is the web development application mostly used for data-driven websites. We, at ITLandmark Solutions, offer you a number of aspects enabled with a surplus amount of flexibility within your websites.

These are as follows:

ColdFusion is extremely useful within an internal inventory management system. However, most of the eCommerce sites are not search engine friendly. While you may be enabled with flexibility in terms of inventory management and real time integration, it won't help you in locating the SEO issue.

We at ITLandmark Optimum7 can effortlessly integrate your ColdFusion Web site into a third party SEO friendly ecommerce solution, so as to fix all of your related issues, whilst ensuring smooth running of your online business.

There are several factors involved in creating a successful SEO strategy and we ensure all the factors work together to maximize your business aspects. Considering what your client base is all about, we then give implement trail and tested strategies to increase your traffic as well as conversion rates.

Although ColdFusion renders its users a myriad of adaptable features to have maximum control over the site, but majority of the owners turn out badly in using them effectively. Our savvy team who has a hands-on in On-Site Optimization comes for their rescue.

Having an eye-catching and functional ecommerce store is of no use until and unless the traffic gets converted to sales.

ITLandmark understands your basic requirements and that how important is the conversion rate. If you need help building a successful SEO strategy for your ColdFusion site, please contact u as we assure you to help your ecommerce business grow.

To find out more on our ColdFusion application development or if you have a ColdFusion project to get developed, we have favorably deployed a contact form for you to contact us. Our experts will help you with best services for all your web development needs.

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