Mobile and Social Media Application & Integration using ColdFusion

ITLandmark is a certified iPhone application developer, who is already a pioneer in Mobile Application Development. We, at ITLandmark, can help you deliver your Applications to the millions of iPhone, iTouch, and iPad and even IPod users across the globe. We can even turn your idea into a profitable Apple Store Application if you wish for.

Whether by implementing an existing feature or creating an innovative yet effective idea from scratch, our savvy team can help you become an integral part of the iPhone Application revolution. Our proficient blend of skills and experience enable us to become the best in the market to effortlessly develop your iPhone Application.

Apple's iPhone is without doubt an instant hit with customers and mobile professionals alike. It's hassle-free ability to connect to the Internet, user-friendly features and the popular iTunes application store cater to an excellent marketing opportunity.

We have been serving clients, who work in this sphere, for a couple of years. With increasing usage of smartphones and other handled devices, the demand for appropriate apps has also drastically increased. To cater for this growing demand of Mobile App market, ITLandmark offers flawless Mobile Application Development solution on various platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

We are proficient in developing an iPhone Application which is empowered with avant garde features like GPS, proximity sensor, multi-touch interface, accelerometer, dialer, address book and calendar.

We are also expert at delivering a web-connected iPhone Application which has access to Wi-Fi and other cellular mobile networks thereby enabling ultimate flexibility. The iPhone Applications can submit information to a central database and can also allow users to download information that relates to a specific query.

ITLandmark has the expertise to deliver iPhone Applications that will impress anyone using cutting-edge and unique Apple Technology.

One of the most interesting platforms in the World Wide Web is the rise of social networks. Be it MySpace or Facebook, people are now getting indulged into social media than anything else for their pass time. They have become an addiction and every individual having an iPhone or Android phone is an avid user of such sites.

Back in 2004, Facebook revealed an app namely Facebook Platform, which dramatically changed the entire face of social networks inarguably. By using this special API, the user could write his/her own application and build up the network that Facebook had already created.

The first and the most important thing the user needs to understand is that Facebook does not have API like any other as the Yahoo! API. While ColdFusion code creates an HTTP call for Yahoo resolving the response , Facebook flips this process other way round.

We, at ITLandmark, help you easily enable all of your required applications including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. You can contact us for our quality based services. We assure you that you will be offered the best services in mobilizing your website and making your businesses reach heights.

Some of the major Social And Mobile Apps we support include -

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