Custom ColdFusion Applications

There are copious reasons why ColdFusion enjoys such a vast preference over other web development languages. Unlike PHP, ASP and JSP, ColdFusion demands for comparatively less coding. This kind of cutting-edge application is highly reliable and dependable.

ColdFusion is one of the most successful commercial application server products of Adobe. To facilitate more, it is enabled with high-end integration with Flex/Flash/AIR and other Adobe technologies. And its built-in monitoring tools and frequent releases have surely made it a favorite among enterprises.

At ITLandmark, we have been working in ColdFusion for a period of time now and in these years we have polished our skills to create have hands on frameworks like ColdBox, FuseBox, MachII and ColdSpring and not to mention custom ColdFusion Applications even for real estates and schools.

One of our esteemed clients, who is a US based prominent Real Estate Company had approached us with certain requirements. They wanted to set-up a Real Estate Property Management application with unique features along-with Social Media Integration and chat app and even some options to display property images for end users in Google map.

Our savvy team used our trial and tested strategies to build a site enabling users to search for any property related information. One of the biggest advantages we implemented is that the users could also save any search within the site. Apart from saving search results, we also induced advanced features like comparing various property and even sharing property information in different social networking sites like -Facebook, twitter, Pinterest.

We had also implemented the Control Panel option to effectively manage all real estate customers by admin. Our client could now track the activity of all their users on the site. Even our application helps the owner publish any message for any admin/user.

If you've similar requirements or you want something more customized contact us and we'll give you exactly what you've been looking for.

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Some of the major Content Management System we support include

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