ColdFusion Application Optimization and Performance Tuning

Performance is an essential feature of any web application or server, and ColdFusion is no more an exception. High performance for Internet applications where in many users can access is important. Since ColdFusion is both a server and a language, there arise various approaches to improve site's performance.

There are basically three sectors on performance tuning to improve the ColdFusion application. They include:

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Performance tuning using JVM parameters

ColdFusion is purely based on J2EE platform and here JVM arguments are used to tune the performance of ColdFusion web applications. ColdFusion 10 is shipped with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6.

The Sun JVM supports various arguments which are used to tune performance, change debugging and change basic behavior.

Tools to measure performance

GCViewer tool is used to collect garbage collection profiles and measure metrics like frequency, heap size, pauses and more. Yet another tool which is used to measure end to end performance is freeware Apache JMeter software.

Performance tuning using ColdFusion administrator

ColdFusion administrator also provides a better option for performance tuning of your site. It depends on factors like number of CPUs, load and the application itself.

Caching page

Setting on the caching page can help to manage ColdFusion caches.

Trusted Cache

ColdFusion complies CFCs and CFMs to Java bytecode and collects them in a memory called template cache. On consistent requests for the CFC and CFM, ColdFusion refers to the template cache and also checks the file, whether it has been modified or not.

Performance tuning using best coding practices

In addition to the above two segments, the coding also helps to achieve best performance tuning. Qualifying the coding variables and using them wherever necessary helps.

Optimizing ColdFusion Applications

ColdFusion application can be optimized in different ways. It mostly involves good development and best coding practices. For an efficient ColdFusion application, a proper database design and good usage is a prime contributor.

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