Blockchain Technology - The Age of Cryptocurrency is Challenging the Global Economic Order

Blockchain is the technology that provides open decentralized database of any transaction involving value such as Money, Goods, Property, work, medical records, financial transactions, or even votes. It is a suite of distributed ledger technologies that can be programmed to record and track anything of value. Data decentralization, trusted transaction, no intermediaries & third parties, unalterable copy, real-time tracking, high security, no single point failure, cost effective and programmable feature that gives blockchain technology the potential to underpin many of the ways, we interact with one another.

Apprehending with this phase of revolutionary transformation, ITLandmark has entered in this emerging new world of Blockchain with broad offerings in several verticals. The idea is to grasp "how people transact" and innovate it with technological interventions, thus pacing up with this explosive financial growth.

The intersection of AI with Fintech and Blockchain will bring social good for sure by enabling new degrees of equity, access, and justice around the globe.

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