Who We Are -

Me and my team launched ITLANDMARK 15 years ago and today, it has gained reputation of being one of dedicated ColdFusion services provider. Our oomph for unleashing the business potential via Internet proved expansive.

Realizing the growing demand, we quickly mustered a team of extremely talented professionals, who helped us blend creativity with technical savvy, followed by an astute sense of business. We have always followed a sophisticated and crystal-clear methodology, so as to help our customers make the most out of online businesses.

Today we are a 75+ resource company with more than 35+ certified ColdFusion Developers serving clients develop and maintain some large scale ColdFusion applications.


Focused on Your E-Business Needs -

As web robotics evolved, so did ITLandmark IT Solutions. Steadily at the spearhead of online-oriented commercial initiatives, we now provide a one-stop-shop for all your online business entities. Our aids range from the initial cachet fishing expedition of each client's specific business needs to the augmentation of a custom-tailored digital blueprint and to its effective deployment across varied channels.

While most of our esteemed clients use our services for the implementation of their endeavour-wide online trading infrastructure, we also offer aids for small scale, targeted projects, such as optimizing or reestablishment of existing web environments.

And of course, we always ensure that your online as well as offline essays always work in sync to customarily enhance your brand and develop effective marketing synergies. Our customer base is as diverse as our services portfolio, featuring numerous prominent companies of various sectors, such as consumer goods, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, fitness, jewellery, technology to name a few.

No matter whatever we do and whoever we support, we religiously follow the same guiding principle: dragging sufficient yet potential traffic, enhancing conversion rates and generating adequate leads.


The Company We Keep -

At ITLANDMARK, we work with a network of qualified partners to offer our clienteles a one stop shop for all their e-commerce as well as online marketing needs. We have carefully evaluated numerous third party vendors and identified some of the premier online providers to complement our own core competencies in e-commerce marketing, online strategy and website implementation.

Within a short span, we have managed to emerge as a pioneer in this field, enabling award-winning online business scopes for some of the region's most leading brands, including Gotha, Planet Blue, She Speaks, Tix Nix to name a few. As web technologies evolved, so did the Landmark IT. Being steadily at the forefront of web-based trade initiatives, we now provide one stop shop for all your online business supplies.

A self-reliant, privately owned company with offices in US, Canada and India, we are proud of the stellar reputation we have earned so far globally for leveraging proven, successful results that minimize operational costs and maximize online ROI.

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At ITLANDMARK, we offer expert ColdFusion consulting services to clients in application development, modernization, application maintenance and migration. Contact us with your brief requirements and we would get back to you within 24 hours with a custom quote and further details.